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Dream - Minecraft Hitmen Extra Scenes


Published on 2 weeks ago

This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.

Original Video: https://clip.pink/watch/R7klyFU_6xM

This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.

Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

Comments :

God Not That One

God Not That One . 6 hours ago

The true power of boats!

Spyxl . 7 hours ago

Where is the next 1000 iq you will release when the manhunt starts?
RedDaFurry FurryFury

RedDaFurry FurryFury . 14 hours ago

I think you could do it with a minecart or a horse..
Timothy ventura

Timothy ventura . 17 hours ago

Mid-game after mining for about an hour, my cousins and I just started playing tag. It was so simple and yet so fun to trap each other in the nether and fly off with elytra
GD Basher

GD Basher . 19 hours ago

If dream was doing the boat trick, george distroys it, and then dream mlg boat lol.
Gaming Knight 213

Gaming Knight 213 . 20 hours ago

Badboyhalo: Floating like a beautiful butterfly

waanjaii . 20 hours ago

I'm dying. At 1:15 Dream's watching BBH gracefully nail the boat trick and then on the left George just completely falls down with the boat 😭 I can't breath.
Elijah D Cruzado

Elijah D Cruzado . 22 hours ago

It defies the laws of physics and gravity
Christopher John Bacus

Christopher John Bacus . 1 day ago

FACE REVILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brand Excuse

Brand Excuse . 1 day ago

1. Make map 1000x1000 2. Get rid of compass
Squirrel !

Squirrel ! . 2 days ago


purk . 2 days ago

Why do none of the hunters ever make a bow? Serious question
jaan abernethy

jaan abernethy . 2 days ago

Pranjal Gogoi

Pranjal Gogoi . 2 days ago

Bro dream your sach a God at Minecraft that's why your mine Favourite youtuber

Adrian . 2 days ago

Attis Rebirth

Attis Rebirth . 2 days ago

Reverse manhunt Dream has to hunt down and kill 3 players trying to get to the end.
mike hood

mike hood . 2 days ago

do more for sure
Ilita Rifiyanti

Ilita Rifiyanti . 2 days ago

1M iq
Aarav Keshri

Aarav Keshri . 3 days ago

Do one more pls
Jouse Castillo

Jouse Castillo . 3 days ago

Hellif Iknow

Hellif Iknow . 3 days ago

Bet mojang will patch this so that Bad,sapnap and george will be able to kil dream next hitman game

Ardadsaw . 3 days ago

01:15 dream is like my teacher. he helps bad who is the smart student and doing the thing but he doesn't help george who can't do the thing and falling in *SUPERSONIC* speed
KyrosMarkus Carabio

KyrosMarkus Carabio . 3 days ago

Watch george do that on his first try he just fell down

DeletedUser4342 . 3 days ago

Dudes really pasted an anarchy server-wannabe and thought we wouldn't notice

richard . 3 days ago

The tower id beutiful 0:11

曾炜程 . 3 days ago

Them used axe and destroy boat. *Dream*:alright i will use ladder llol
Abheer Pawar

Abheer Pawar . 3 days ago

The Final tower is better than the leaning tower of pisa , full of randomness
Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insaan . 3 days ago

Dream i want to be like you but i cant because i dont have pc or laptop i play on android tab😔😔😔
DJ the Nut Master

DJ the Nut Master . 3 days ago

I loved this video
The Memes of YouTube

The Memes of YouTube . 3 days ago

You should do a thing where you try to get the elytra

Q-tip . 3 days ago

love how bad is doing it slowly and George just falls on the left side
Hasan Melhem

Hasan Melhem . 3 days ago

funny how some times he wins cause glitches. mojang is technically helping him with new updates

Dream . 4 days ago

Thanks for watching:)
Connor w

Connor w . 4 days ago

Dream: THE MAP IS LIKE 500 x 500 BLOCKS!! Me: welcome to console minecraft my friend

DENIEL DU PLESSIS . 4 days ago

I'm speechless like how. What. I'm.. What.! Uhm. Howwwwww. Tho how..
Dima Cătălin

Dima Cătălin . 4 days ago

Gravity : jump off and die Dream and boat : *does it* Gravity : im not doing it now
flavory Wastaken

flavory Wastaken . 4 days ago

Maliq Mulrain

Maliq Mulrain . 4 days ago

First person to kill the ender dragon
Meg Shanel C. Celestra

Meg Shanel C. Celestra . 4 days ago

goerge said wait how do u do it then he fall like he wants help hahah
This. . . Is a bucket.

This. . . Is a bucket. . 4 days ago

"That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen." "So it would seem."
Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith . 4 days ago

Dream versus a two-player tag team to race to the End (not kill the Ender Dragon per se) would be fun!

M J . 4 days ago

You guys should try a Team V.S's challenge. Like 2 teams of two or three first one fo get to the end and kill the ender dragon wins. Sabotages would be aloud, tracking as well.

tpespos . 4 days ago

I really wish George had made the hit in mid air to end the episode. It would have been to hype
Raul Cosmetic Perez

Raul Cosmetic Perez . 5 days ago


harviq . 5 days ago

Hay Smith lot

Hay Smith lot . 5 days ago

Love this type of manhunt keep up the work on both of them!
Josiah Ayala

Josiah Ayala . 5 days ago

i just saw that boat trick in youtube weird mechanics and then next thing that happens DREAM DOES IT?!?!?!
Eleen Wu

Eleen Wu . 5 days ago

You could’ve just caught the boat then when you get close to the ground place it then sit on it * mind explodes *
kyle gapasin

kyle gapasin . 5 days ago

Georgnotfound is flying :D 1:41
Empty Life

Empty Life . 5 days ago

I mean at the start of the video he said they have to kill him. He could’ve just died of fall damage or the iron golem at the village and just stay on the respawn screen for an hour and he’d still win. Just saying...

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