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Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay – Part 2


Published on 5 days ago

We are continuing our Among Us Map The Skelds and are building the Rooms Storage, Communication, Admin and Shields with cardboard and clay!

► This is PART 1 of The Skeld Map

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Comments :


elena . 15 seconds ago

you know how when you go into a meeting and the dead bodies disappear, what if there is a person who takes the bodies while we are in the meeting and puts them in the boxes that are in storage 😃
Joseph Ralaizanaka

Joseph Ralaizanaka . 2 minutes ago

The cafeteria the security the elecrticial and umm idk
Suwardi Safruddin

Suwardi Safruddin . 15 minutes ago

Ada yg dari indonesia gak??
Van Garnham

Van Garnham . 24 minutes ago

i have also seen people in comments saying about puuting crewmates/imposters across the maps doing tasks and kills. Adding on to that: Maybe do a crewmate pressing the emergancy meeting button
Van Garnham

Van Garnham . 28 minutes ago

i have an idea: make the doors of each room functional
Zombie Zero

Zombie Zero . 32 minutes ago

Zombie Zero

Zombie Zero . 33 minutes ago

Zombie Zero

Zombie Zero . 33 minutes ago

Zombie Zero

Zombie Zero . 33 minutes ago


MAPLE . 35 minutes ago

I am sure he is rn workin on cafeteria

GAMER ON GAMING . 47 minutes ago

Great work I really really liked it It's looks so real
Dragos F.

Dragos F. . 1 hour ago

This is so cool! Keep it up! 😀
Lucía Bruzual

Lucía Bruzual . 1 hour ago

im subscribing for just the freaking intro. gasp the boxes have cheeeeeeeese

SolidRock01 . 1 hour ago

imagine he accidently cuted one of the centers
stormgamer NL

stormgamer NL . 1 hour ago

Wauw man butiful
Violated Crayon

Violated Crayon . 1 hour ago

I’m really glad that ur hand is better love ur content
Bryce W

Bryce W . 1 hour ago

The boxes are filled whith the dead bodies that the imposter has previously killed
Pepsy Kirk

Pepsy Kirk . 2 hours ago

all the boxes are filled with chicken nuggets! i hope you agree..... o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ
Miguel Ballesteros

Miguel Ballesteros . 2 hours ago

My favorite room is security 🙂🙂
Dr. Redstone

Dr. Redstone . 2 hours ago

I will go crazy for a set of Five Nights At Freddys map “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”
lily morris

lily morris . 2 hours ago

4:23 reminds me of nothing bad ever happens too the Kennedy’s lmao Also is nobody gonna talk about him cutting clay on the iPad screen

I KILL PRETTY THINGZ . 2 hours ago

Umm my son is going to freak out ..AMAZING
Егор Поляков

Егор Поляков . 2 hours ago

We’re well!
Lynn D.D

Lynn D.D . 2 hours ago

Let's have some fun with hot glue gun! Yay\(^•^)/
life is craft #pratyush dalal

life is craft #pratyush dalal . 2 hours ago

cafeteria pls
Arjun Soren

Arjun Soren . 3 hours ago

Please part three
Farah Hadjer

Farah Hadjer . 3 hours ago

Please part 3
44 MEW

44 MEW . 3 hours ago

Do lightning McQueen plz I love lightning mcQueen

EPIC_ GAMER_BOII . 3 hours ago

Next you should make cafeteria med bay and electrical for part three
Ruby Walshe

Ruby Walshe . 3 hours ago

Th box’s a filed with cats ( I think )
hanna beso30

hanna beso30 . 3 hours ago

Is it just me or ClayClaim sounds like a pirate
Henry Wilkinson

Henry Wilkinson . 3 hours ago

Can you please make thor from marvel
Human Rights Healthcare

Human Rights Healthcare . 3 hours ago

I think inside the boxes is aliens
Ricco Yuda

Ricco Yuda . 3 hours ago

Part 3 Part 3 Part 3 Part 3 Part 3
literally Butter

literally Butter . 3 hours ago

the green containers are filled with cheese and butter

GRAVITZ GAMING . 4 hours ago

Make valorant agents

TheEpicNRD . 4 hours ago

What country att you from. Your english is funny.
Adiel López

Adiel López . 4 hours ago

Shut up and take my money

Mrppr2 . 4 hours ago

I am from Russia but your videos are also interesting for me
Comit 2

Comit 2 . 4 hours ago

You dont play Among Us, do you. You clearly know nothing about it.

TransformerYouTube . 4 hours ago

Can you make a dinosaur
Rayyan playz

Rayyan playz . 4 hours ago

1k subscribers Without any videos challenge

1k subscribers Without any videos challenge . 4 hours ago

Can you please upload more

IWantSlxcky- . 4 hours ago

Dead imposter bodies are in the boxes lol 🤣
Dhairya Viramgami

Dhairya Viramgami . 4 hours ago

Medbay and cafetaria
Zaethe Kid

Zaethe Kid . 4 hours ago

Marvels blade
ABDul Saboor

ABDul Saboor . 4 hours ago

Cant wait this guy do the reactor and security and vents could be just like hinged moveable no need of tunnels lol
dara ramos

dara ramos . 4 hours ago

dara ramos

dara ramos . 4 hours ago

si uno sabe mi idioma donde esta las imagenes de el mapa o como se llama
dara ramos

dara ramos . 4 hours ago

soy el unico que abla españis

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