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Best 3D Pen Art Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts

ZHC Crafts

Published on 1 week ago

I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!

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Comments :

ZHC Crafts

ZHC Crafts . 1 week ago

Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))
الجنون الشديد الجنون الشديد

الجنون الشديد الجنون الشديد . 1 second ago

Joel Fernandez

Joel Fernandez . 39 minutes ago

Michelle have a cool art why did she lost 😭😭😭
Piamia Gaming

Piamia Gaming . 1 hour ago

Is it just me or when jaz came out of the pool she looked like charli damelio

StuSsy . 2 hours ago

Mr.Beast Content be like.
Brandon Garcia

Brandon Garcia . 2 hours ago

I like naps too and my teacher ask if I was paying attention and ask me what is 10 dimes with 5 and I said uMMMM I don't know...

HaTcH SqUAreD . 3 hours ago

Pls let me in one
bodoti qwiu

bodoti qwiu . 3 hours ago

Jake: 8 minutes of plank is nothing *Me: i can't even find my motivation to walk to the fridge
Gaz Chimera

Gaz Chimera . 3 hours ago

The meaty helen statistically marry because rabbi cellularly scribble till a damp wolf. careless, plausible kenneth
Trenten Official

Trenten Official . 4 hours ago

I liked the dragon
makeup instagram

makeup instagram . 4 hours ago

Carrie Carson

Carrie Carson . 5 hours ago

I love your videos!!!
mlgsandra j.m

mlgsandra j.m . 5 hours ago

Aubree Stahlecker

Aubree Stahlecker . 5 hours ago

Jake’s looks like baby yoda
anonymous girl

anonymous girl . 7 hours ago

funny thing is when I got my 3D pen (3 years ago) and then one year after and that's how I just knew how to use it and now I am laughing at my self cause I look at them and think I am so stupid they like knew and read the instructions not like me didn't find it
fortnite twins

fortnite twins . 9 hours ago

I love your videos
adlee watne

adlee watne . 10 hours ago


BlastBearS . 11 hours ago

Fun fact: the things they use are 5001$ lol😂
Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil . 11 hours ago

Can I be in a vide plz it would mean the world to me
Janeille Neal

Janeille Neal . 11 hours ago

I love Michelle one it's awesome
Jazz Vroegh

Jazz Vroegh . 12 hours ago

Wer is lieo
Jazz Vroegh

Jazz Vroegh . 12 hours ago

Wer is lieo
Sujal Dhonsale

Sujal Dhonsale . 13 hours ago

I thought jack will be the winner and thought mecanzy (idk spelling) will be second last
hoda hamody

hoda hamody . 14 hours ago

Why she win minceraft is excelant
Pavithiran Shunmuganathan

Pavithiran Shunmuganathan . 14 hours ago

If you custom an iPhone 11 pro for me I'll subscribe you

Reem MODY . 14 hours ago

i liked and subscribe and i want a shout out pls
Deborah Grafton-Rosewell

Deborah Grafton-Rosewell . 14 hours ago

Jake did paper 4 times in a row WHY!!!????
wolf girl

wolf girl . 15 hours ago

santi tube

santi tube . 15 hours ago

Roshni Sara Khan

Roshni Sara Khan . 16 hours ago

#ZHC ..... actually I m your new fan I fell really bad that I didn't knew till now I was living under a stone till now hey....I have request will you plsssßs plssssss plssssssss Skech some oF BTS PICTURE S I MEAN I REALLY WANT YOU TO DO SOME AMAZING STULL WITH BTS BUT GOOD ....AFFCOURC YOU WILL 🙏🙏🙏
ارسام یوسفی

ارسام یوسفی . 16 hours ago

Gustav Højgaard Jørgensen

Gustav Højgaard Jørgensen . 16 hours ago

Try to Draw with your bad hand
Vihaan Sakhare

Vihaan Sakhare . 17 hours ago

🥒 if you know what I mean 🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🍑🍑
Epic Gamer

Epic Gamer . 17 hours ago

Don’t touch the tip? Hot soy? As some cultured people would know

KANZ RAHMAN . 17 hours ago

Anna Iskander-Reynolds

Anna Iskander-Reynolds . 18 hours ago

I really want a oculus
s s

s s . 18 hours ago

Done. ...ok it needs to be a new one-

ALEENA WANI . 18 hours ago

Bro where's leoo he's my favorite 😤 😭
Shirley Gonzales

Shirley Gonzales . 18 hours ago

Tbh I live in the Philiphins too nd Im only 9 with my moms phone Pls chose me next challenge pls? My birthday Just Happend..... Plss
Lenard Binungcal

Lenard Binungcal . 19 hours ago

Talking to a filipino Me: ... when filipino sees a youtuber they are happy and exited
tshimollo sbusiso

tshimollo sbusiso . 20 hours ago

can i get one of your prizes 😂✔✔✔✔😂😂😁😍😍😍❤❤🎶🎶🎶🎶😎😎😎🤔✨🐱‍👤🤩😎😷
NeoN NiNjaz

NeoN NiNjaz . 20 hours ago

i love when people say LMAO is a swear word
Anaiah Madawela

Anaiah Madawela . 20 hours ago

I think pink hair girl will win

Bassy456 . 20 hours ago

I have a 3D pen but it is so different the Merrell twins have a blue 3D pen and I do as well and I have a grey one
niz Ali

niz Ali . 20 hours ago

Tell me pet when your family they all why did I like three or four iPhones like decorated like of cartoons stranger things and they wanted like 11 Mike whole should you think gas are you do you do you know where my whole and I wanna cut your music games PUBG and things that girls can you please decorate it with everything because all the games
samantha Rowlandson

samantha Rowlandson . 22 hours ago

Ferdie arthur Begas

Ferdie arthur Begas . 22 hours ago

Phillipines yesss
Kerry Paciente

Kerry Paciente . 22 hours ago

i sub like and notafacation+comment

Nokkap . 23 hours ago

I'd pay $5000 for a pen that isn't 3D Am I right? Get it. Haha funny.
Zalina Sabri

Zalina Sabri . 1 day ago

Can you make art with minecraft

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