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Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)


Published on 2 weeks ago

To all my Malaysian niece and nephew, #nowyoucan get Heineken 0.0 deliver to your house: http://bit.ly/Heineken00UncRog #socialiseresponsibly. For non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.

Check out nephew Nigel stupid love story on his podcast: https://clip.pink/watch/6ERwJSBh9gk

Original weejio from @Cowboy Kent Rollins: https://clip.pink/watch/AYTRjdNwMiA

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Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees (https://www.instagram.com/morgantherees/)

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Comments :

Cowboy Kent Rollins

Cowboy Kent Rollins . 1 week ago

Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef

33鄧桓Sana텡환 . 5 minutes ago

Uncle Roger also likes TWICE and Stray Kids?
Akmal Danish

Akmal Danish . 24 minutes ago

Savethe manateesluv

Savethe manateesluv . 1 hour ago

Uncle Roger: "so not Hygenic" Also uncle roger: (Dip finger in stuff to mesure)
V C 2 0 0 2 3 _SHERY

V C 2 0 0 2 3 _SHERY . 3 hours ago

Yesss Felix is a 5 star Michelin.
William Leonardo

William Leonardo . 3 hours ago

yo uncle, please review Maria Ozawa's fried rice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDTBqGuBd2U

Plazmattack . 4 hours ago

Drink as much as I want and don't get drunk? what is the point...
Michelle Sabug

Michelle Sabug . 5 hours ago

I want to see uncle roger try to recreate this recipe!

SSJ2Pikachu . 7 hours ago

Uncle Roger here you have Fried Rice made by Germans. EngSub available. https://youtu.be/9ohcR54JkAI
Markiel Pilos

Markiel Pilos . 9 hours ago

To be honest, I'd rather have Kikkoman Celery sauce over chilli jam
Rich Richards

Rich Richards . 12 hours ago

Commy roger
Keith Reilly

Keith Reilly . 12 hours ago

Branding it not torturing
Keith Reilly

Keith Reilly . 12 hours ago

Messing with a National treasure the man cooked on trail rides
Emilie Wrage

Emilie Wrage . 13 hours ago

Chan from Stray Kids will be very proud of this video haha. We need a Stray Kids x Uncle Roger Collab ASAP.
Richard Hanchard

Richard Hanchard . 13 hours ago

Uncle Roger, This may not be as weird as that sauce, however; you should see what James May's fried rice dish looks like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K7yTNiyuIY
Αντιγόνη ζήνΩνος

Αντιγόνη ζήνΩνος . 13 hours ago

what a high level comment I've just heard... (pronunciation + black Lives Matter)
Abdurrahman Mohammed

Abdurrahman Mohammed . 14 hours ago

Uncle Roger you now Mongolian fried rice? So easy, so simple but not good test 🤮

黄绍洋 . 14 hours ago

Safina Qureshi

Safina Qureshi . 15 hours ago

Who else likes eating their fired rice with extra soya sauce 😂😂? Or am I the only weirdo here 😂?
Lay Ann Maravilla

Lay Ann Maravilla . 16 hours ago

National Geographic bullshit lmao! hahahhaha
John C

John C . 16 hours ago

The equable grill neurochemically wriggle because forecast concomitantly exist against a purring target. jittery, subdued criminal
Augustine Mardek

Augustine Mardek . 16 hours ago

“maybe uncle roger should name my stove aunty Helen" *Because shes so hot*

Movil . 16 hours ago

...eeee but where is egg in this recipe did i miss something ?
carvitq milate

carvitq milate . 17 hours ago

Is that beer halal?
Andrae_akafalipe YT

Andrae_akafalipe YT . 18 hours ago

9:45 they are about to castrate that poor cow

The_username . 19 hours ago

yo uncle Rogers james may made fried rice
Jerry Gu

Jerry Gu . 19 hours ago

Prince Rayn

Prince Rayn . 19 hours ago

9:41 oh uncle roger, he's just providing milk for all the paying cowmilk-drinkers their customers doesn't care about the broken feelings of a newborn calf anyway, it's not human after all
Prince Rayn

Prince Rayn . 19 hours ago

6:38 i'd wanna eat that sauce tbh
Fabian Girsch

Fabian Girsch . 20 hours ago

Heineken is good for American Market. They can feel special by drinking European beer and we Europeans can get rid of that piss. Also without alcohol. Would you promote egg fried rice without msg?
Yuberry Lala

Yuberry Lala . 21 hours ago

WHAT IS KENMA DOING THERE- (Also i love this channel :)))
Alice Chan

Alice Chan . 22 hours ago

Kiko Man..😜😜😜so cute so cute
Nigel Chua

Nigel Chua . 23 hours ago

Nigel Chua
Nigel Chua

Nigel Chua . 23 hours ago

my name is Nigel tooooo
Vasunith S.parashar

Vasunith S.parashar . 23 hours ago

Lawl my 12 yr old cousin loves u
DanielRyan2005 Advanced

DanielRyan2005 Advanced . 1 day ago

Request more fried rice reaction!!
Lantern Playz

Lantern Playz . 1 day ago

11:10 stressssssss
gio rami

gio rami . 1 day ago

it no have da gaaarlic

Shannanagins14 . 1 day ago

"Oh no! The food too bland! Who should we call? Kikkoman!"
Roger H

Roger H . 1 day ago

That was a hilarious joke!
Illustrious Feature

Illustrious Feature . 1 day ago

I miss auntie Hersha

Like90 . 1 day ago

Uncle roger is definitely right about the cast iron being white peoples version of a wok. We were given many family cast iron pan when we moved out. I plan on giving a cast iron pan to my daughter when she moves out.
Dylan Douglas

Dylan Douglas . 1 day ago

I just use a cast iron wok, problem solved.
just a guy

just a guy . 1 day ago

Craig Connor

Craig Connor . 1 day ago

If MSG is King of Flavour.... is Garlic Queen of Flavour???? 🤔
Manus Razameer

Manus Razameer . 1 day ago

we need a "yu fukdap!" Shirt!!!!
Dávid Szilágyi

Dávid Szilágyi . 1 day ago


#OccupyDogtown . 1 day ago

#cowboyfriedrice & #truckstopsushi? #haiyah
bird up

bird up . 1 day ago

As a Malaysian, I'd try this. Really. It's not traditional sure, but it ticks all the important steps and all the stuff he cooks look pretty nice. And southern US food has never disappointed me.
Sgt Greenjeans

Sgt Greenjeans . 1 day ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm a 70 year old 'Uncle' and used to live in Yishun on Ring Road...took MRT everyday to Tanjong Pagar for work...I lived in S'pore for 8 months doing anime' VO and I can't stop laughing at your incredible wit! Again, thanks for some much needed ORIGINAL comedy, lah!

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