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Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

Published on 5 days ago

tana uncensored: https://linktr.ee/tanauncensored

AList Magazine: https://www.alistnation.com/oct-nov-2020


u can text me at (702) 500-0176 !!!!! do it and join the tana mongeau hotline!

Filmed & Edited by: tana mongeau & ieuan thomas (https://bit.ly/2X6b2ca)

animation by: @VantoonTv

my social media:
twitter: https://goo.gl/XPzcWm
instagram: https://goo.gl/VrsaRD
snapchat: tanamongeau1
tiktok: @tanamongeaulol

business inquiries ONLY: [email protected]

Comments :

Kayci West

Kayci West . 2 hours ago

Hahahahaha yup 😂
Ashley Cosmo

Ashley Cosmo . 3 hours ago

We said black

Anna . 5 hours ago

its the lack of social distancing for meeeee
julia marie

julia marie . 5 hours ago

u look awful with blonde please go brown
Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson . 5 hours ago

omggg i love the brunette. it looks SO good.
molly mo

molly mo . 6 hours ago

chloe dicker

chloe dicker . 6 hours ago

Brunette tana is just molly eskam fr
Payton Trickel

Payton Trickel . 7 hours ago

i missed u sm
Princess Momo

Princess Momo . 7 hours ago

She looks so good as a brunette tho!!!😭💗

K D . 7 hours ago

I don’t see what the big deal is I think she looks beautiful as a natural brunette makes her look tanner brings out her eyecolor

StephDuddy . 7 hours ago

I'm not getting your video notifications
Kassidy Alchorn

Kassidy Alchorn . 8 hours ago

Hey Tana, love your content! Check your insta request if you wanna be out smoked by a small town Canadian 😘😛
Scorpio Paige

Scorpio Paige . 8 hours ago

Me: eats 2 meals a day it’s it’s usually cereal
the noob lol

the noob lol . 8 hours ago


Tiffany . 9 hours ago

her "circle" is literally 100 people bitch its covid

Elise . 9 hours ago

We get it Tana. You love to smoke blunts. Every day, all day.
Lauren Bliss

Lauren Bliss . 10 hours ago

Tana...you're already in deep shit with the public for a plethora of actions (including not giving a shit about covid which you certainly exhibited here)...stick to what you know before you lose the rest of your fanbase too because this annoying, staged, privileged, and COPYCAT CONTENT is simply not it.
Karen Patton

Karen Patton . 11 hours ago

Getting Jlo vibes and honestly Tana looks better as a brunette
Aella Cleo

Aella Cleo . 11 hours ago

Yahhh 🍭
Brittney Houle

Brittney Houle . 12 hours ago

Okay but what is the song that is used at the end???
Olivia Martini

Olivia Martini . 12 hours ago

What’s the song called at the end of the vid????
Olivia Martini

Olivia Martini . 12 hours ago

Damn you look bomb with brown hair!!
Rebekah Motta

Rebekah Motta . 13 hours ago

When she had brown hair she looked like Khloe Kardashian
Nothing 05

Nothing 05 . 13 hours ago

Can anyone let me know the name of the outro song??
Madie S

Madie S . 13 hours ago

whats the song 3:36
tony rivera

tony rivera . 13 hours ago

I heard u need someone to ours one u for YouTube I’m 18 and can kill a 1 gram dab like it’s nothing bring it on
Tamara Ruggiero

Tamara Ruggiero . 13 hours ago

So much corona in one video
Westcoast Prince

Westcoast Prince . 13 hours ago

3 videos a week betttt😂❤️❤️❤️
Henry Pratt

Henry Pratt . 13 hours ago

This is the definition of covid-
Joss Neaves

Joss Neaves . 13 hours ago

im acc living for the brunette tho
Aline Groulx-Grant

Aline Groulx-Grant . 13 hours ago

It Looks nice 👍

Ivana . 14 hours ago

She looks decent as a brunette, but that's not desirable in her world, I guess ........
Hina Agyilirah

Hina Agyilirah . 14 hours ago

girl it looks amazing
Kevin King

Kevin King . 14 hours ago

Bro the same intro music as David
Austin Cardenas

Austin Cardenas . 14 hours ago

These are amazing !!!! Love that you’re doing his style videos

Bratzd6ll . 14 hours ago

I wanna smoke with tana so bad like girl be my friend now
Vanessa Ochoa

Vanessa Ochoa . 14 hours ago

She looks younger tbh 😶😂

lpaquet99 . 14 hours ago

1. u look amazing as a brunette. 2. u need a tv show.
Harmony Holmes

Harmony Holmes . 15 hours ago

Your vlog was cute but it’s not like David’s😭😭

AsAboveSoBelow . 15 hours ago

Life of drug addicts are so fun to watch

H R . 16 hours ago

your hair looks perfect i love it
Leah Peters

Leah Peters . 16 hours ago

Wait it looks better than blonde
kaylee roebuck

kaylee roebuck . 16 hours ago

Anyone else think she high key looks 10x better with the brunette color in her hair.
Life as we know it

Life as we know it . 16 hours ago


PAHARI RANG 2020 . 17 hours ago

Nicho Spindel

Nicho Spindel . 17 hours ago

Stop hiding behind everyone
Nicho Spindel

Nicho Spindel . 17 hours ago

Screw you Trump 2020 make America great again
Kati Nicole

Kati Nicole . 17 hours ago

It looks good! I just wanna say you are one of my absolute favorite you tubers you and David are my top favs I been following you for years and watching all of your videos and it was amazing to see you grow into a very well known person I’m proud of you you and David actually inspired me to start my own channel cause your confidence is just unreal❤️ ily tana!
reighn hkgdvk

reighn hkgdvk . 17 hours ago

she looks so much B.E.T.T.E.R. AS A BRUNETTE

s . 17 hours ago

Brunette tana looks so good

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