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Making liquid air
NileRed Shorts

NileRed Shorts

Published on 2 weeks ago

Check out my main channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/NileRed

Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.


Nile talks about lab safety: https://clip.pink/watch/ftACSEJ6DZA


Comments :

Artjoms Pugacovs

Artjoms Pugacovs . 16 minutes ago

Where you get one?
Tishawn Jacent

Tishawn Jacent . 27 minutes ago

Wait a minute.. How would a fart taste though? LMAOOO
Daniel Brubaker

Daniel Brubaker . 53 minutes ago

Breath it in

Aslan . 1 hour ago

Imagine what happens when you turn the dial all the way up.
Tivoughn Smart

Tivoughn Smart . 1 hour ago

Can you legit drink that shit 👀

otisthebigcow . 2 hours ago

Put a cherry in the air
Legendary Beatz [Prod.]

Legendary Beatz [Prod.] . 2 hours ago

Am i the only one who wants to drink air like a crack head
Jaime Diaz

Jaime Diaz . 3 hours ago

Some lorax shit
Brandon Scutnik

Brandon Scutnik . 3 hours ago

What would happen if it was turned all the way up 😳 the whole world would be a glacier.. this man could fix global warming turning it to 15
GFG Relay

GFG Relay . 3 hours ago

the forbidden water
E t h ą n M ö r s e

E t h ą n M ö r s e . 3 hours ago

Is it drinkable

MrNoobed . 3 hours ago

Did this act as sort of a distiller? Did it preferentially take nitrogen or oxygen?

Taserface . 3 hours ago

POV: You’re looking for the YouTube comment

theusernameicoodfind . 3 hours ago

What happens if the power dial goes higher
Ivan Ng Kai Kit

Ivan Ng Kai Kit . 4 hours ago

Is it liquid nitrogen?
TNT William

TNT William . 4 hours ago

That's how you make liquid O2
Ezekiel Brown

Ezekiel Brown . 4 hours ago

Yes this is lovely and interesting
John M

John M . 4 hours ago

*screaming* CAN I DRINK IT?!
Usanagi San

Usanagi San . 4 hours ago

2 questions,can I drink it and does it hit harder than McDonald's sprite?
Abusing all My Games

Abusing all My Games . 4 hours ago

Is it just me or do I want to drink the liquid air to see what happens would I get oxygen or would I die hmmmm

Rebecca . 4 hours ago

The forbidden drink

Knana__ . 5 hours ago

Could I drink it if it were at a normal temperature and not gonna give my esophagus hypothermia??
Alex H.

Alex H. . 5 hours ago

is it drinkable?

TheEnemiez . 5 hours ago

Bet it can't get as cold as absolute zero
Victor The cat lover

Victor The cat lover . 5 hours ago

Can you make the cooler get to an absolute zero?

Deathbypvt . 5 hours ago

/give @p minecraft_air 45

TUBE YOU . 5 hours ago

Dude that’s awesomeeeee
someone random

someone random . 5 hours ago

Hey homes hand over that cup a oxygen with a bit of nitro on the top
steven lalhmingthanga

steven lalhmingthanga . 5 hours ago

Now make a tones of liquid air and donate it as oxygen
Conner blalock

Conner blalock . 5 hours ago

I bet that’s what is in inhalers looks like it kinda it’s evaporated fast like that and it’s cold idk
Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama . 5 hours ago

Wait can I drink that?

Randomdan85 . 5 hours ago

First Last

First Last . 6 hours ago

So can you drink it??? It looks really good
I like Likes

I like Likes . 6 hours ago

Is it safe to drink that
Michael Sosnow

Michael Sosnow . 6 hours ago

Is it dangerous to touch?

stunov . 6 hours ago

now drink it
Finlay Vischer

Finlay Vischer . 6 hours ago

What happens when u turn the power to 80!? 💥
Richard Schiebe

Richard Schiebe . 6 hours ago

Is it healthy to drink it? Seriously
Sandra Melodra Matic

Sandra Melodra Matic . 6 hours ago

He's so sciency

Andy . 7 hours ago

Now turn it to 11!
daniel der Gamer nicht

daniel der Gamer nicht . 7 hours ago

A fancy ac

FHK . 7 hours ago

Can you mix it with liqid nitrogen and helium to get real air?

LXVLY DR3AMS . 7 hours ago

That’s what she said
Lighting Lotus

Lighting Lotus . 7 hours ago

So air can be used for drinking 🚰🤠 ?? I mean it's bubbly
Moi M

Moi M . 8 hours ago

What if you turn it all the way to max what happens then?

dmk . 8 hours ago

put it into a ballon :D
kirby cute

kirby cute . 8 hours ago

So that was hex was drinking

Klisx . 8 hours ago

Or just buy a dehumidifier ..
Helen Sandham

Helen Sandham . 9 hours ago

It’s so cold, it’s cooking...?
James Baah

James Baah . 9 hours ago

I wanna touch it

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