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Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]
Adult Swim

Adult Swim

Published on 2 weeks ago

Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.

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Comments :


TRAVIS . 5 minutes ago

где 5 сезон
Joren Buytaert

Joren Buytaert . 23 minutes ago

When is Rick and morty season 5 comming ?

Mikołaj . 52 minutes ago

Play has no limits. Play has also no stock

MrBrander . 59 minutes ago

When will we get more Rick and Morty? When will we see the Season 5?
Fazal Afridi

Fazal Afridi . 3 hours ago

Sony paying for ads to buy their console Everyone else : it doesn't exist. Scalpers: Hello let us introduce ourselves
Ballsdeep inDahl

Ballsdeep inDahl . 3 hours ago

Sony give me free shit ! Buy the console! We want you to buy the console
Captain Fadnoex

Captain Fadnoex . 5 hours ago

Xbox series X forever
Savvy Sav

Savvy Sav . 5 hours ago


TheLemonMan . 6 hours ago

That makes me wanna go buy one now
hehe a boy

hehe a boy . 6 hours ago

E agora xbox?
The.Jesus_008 008

The.Jesus_008 008 . 7 hours ago

Saludos a José Adán Rodríguez Martínez
bouytt guyt

bouytt guyt . 8 hours ago

PlayStation: Play has no limits Customers: hold my money

ISAIAH123 YT . 9 hours ago

I love Rick and morty
EpicMealTime 2012

EpicMealTime 2012 . 10 hours ago

Sony: Play has no limits

TITCHY . 10 hours ago

This is why i love rick and morty

SoleScorpion . 10 hours ago

Perfect Corporation bribing ;)
Vahid Rez

Vahid Rez . 10 hours ago

Best parts 0:01 0:05 0:25

PowerHour . 11 hours ago

That was lame
Team Mystix

Team Mystix . 12 hours ago

as soon as i get a fully customized ps5 with rick & Morty on it
Joel Fernandez

Joel Fernandez . 12 hours ago

"Go play ps5, f*ck my a**!" 😂😂
Devin Soto

Devin Soto . 12 hours ago

Bruhhhh they bought an ad and can’t even afford to build the things

VOrtex457 . 15 hours ago

"The thing about the buttons" 😂
Reinis Miks

Reinis Miks . 17 hours ago

Maybe make some content?
Daniel Ilibman

Daniel Ilibman . 18 hours ago

when u make a commercial on something that's not available what's the point?its just a waste of money! Sony start acting like EA and that's just pissing me off just fucking make more consoles and let us actually buy it! no need for this commercial its not like you piling it up in some storage unit and u have to get rid of it!

Ghaz . 18 hours ago

Sony: hey why not buy a ps5 Literally everyone (except Xbox simps): how bout you make more so we can
fan base

fan base . 19 hours ago

They did good by picking rick and morty
Merry Stranger

Merry Stranger . 19 hours ago

I love how honest this ad is

inial8tor . 20 hours ago

Thank you PlayStation for supporting a great show 💙💙
Joe On a Boat

Joe On a Boat . 20 hours ago

how do you guys know how to make a console that everyone wants but then you can’t stop the bots that buy 1000s of ps5 to resell for double the price
Fortnite and other stuff On YT

Fortnite and other stuff On YT . 21 hours ago

Do x box
Lucio Torah

Lucio Torah . 21 hours ago

But I cant play if I cant get one.. play has no limits except stock limit
momo free

momo free . 21 hours ago

Aaa ta recopado el comercial :v
Shitlord Diabettus

Shitlord Diabettus . 21 hours ago

this is out of character for morty. he hates video games
Halil Eren Suna

Halil Eren Suna . 22 hours ago

My live turkey ps5 is 8300 money DualSense is 1200 money
Krystal Myth

Krystal Myth . 22 hours ago

Play has no Limits. Except when it comes to Sony selling Anything.
Jonny Dante

Jonny Dante . 22 hours ago

Angel Gjuraj

Angel Gjuraj . 22 hours ago

Where’s Rick and Morty X ps5 Decal dropping shit gonna look so fie 💖
Peaceful Leo

Peaceful Leo . 1 day ago

That's an ad people WANT to see lmao.. brilliant

PFCBGD 011 . 1 day ago


FERES Gamer . 1 day ago

nah nahhhhhhhh nah ,ah ,h nh nh n
Irmantas Alekna

Irmantas Alekna . 1 day ago

Damn this was good 😂 didn't expect this type of ad can't wait to get a PS5 but more than likely have to wait until next year

A_True_Generic_Gamer . 1 day ago

As a ps user, we do have one limit. Ps+.
Pop Lock

Pop Lock . 1 day ago

Boycott ps plus Boycott ps plus
Pop Lock

Pop Lock . 1 day ago

Yea but Sony why would we the people care when all of the ps5 is technically not being sold by you but by a eBay and Amazon private sellers so you not even controlling the problem but I am trying to start a boycott on ps plus subscription
Emmanuel Mora

Emmanuel Mora . 1 day ago

olivier żurawski

olivier żurawski . 1 day ago

i hope rick and morty will come back in 2021

JEeJmF HZ . 1 day ago

fourth season was bullshit, too great to last.....

CLYDE FROG . 1 day ago

Laughs in PC

Raine . 1 day ago

rick and morty might have gotten paid a lot, but whoever animated the money rick was counting did not

nko. . 1 day ago

I hate 2020

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