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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump — 10/15/2020


Published on 6 days ago

“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.

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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump — 10/15/2020

Comments :


djaydEU . 3 minutes ago

Wow everyone kept talking about how this was such a take down of trump but this was honestly super mild. He dodged most of the questions or threw out vague answers. There's a point where This woman asks him about DACA I think, and his response is "I understand the question completely. I feel the way you feel. Let me tell you we're doing great things and we've done great things for it. " He literally sounds like a late night psychic hotline! It's really impressive actually. The majority of the factual concrete statements in this thing are the interviewer attempting to fact check him before moving on. Good questions, soft balls and hard balls but definitely not a hard interview.
Jeroen Jacobs

Jeroen Jacobs . 27 minutes ago

She is rude, it's bad manners, sorry! It's not nice to look at. Masks by the way are terrible and they look terrible!! It's like turning the whole world into a big hospital. Nobody wants that. Washing hands, getting enough sleep, body hygiene, good food, vitamins, those are things that really help. Masks... it's like a zombie movie !!
Maxwell Silverhammer

Maxwell Silverhammer . 49 minutes ago

This reporter had no manners and was so rude
Franky Goessler

Franky Goessler . 1 hour ago

Mr. Trump all the best from Europe, we´ll keep the fingers crossed for you. God bless you and the USA.
Lando What

Lando What . 1 hour ago

This is why ive had a rolling anxiety attack for the past 3 weeks.
jass lanson

jass lanson . 2 hours ago

President Trump knows his job.... He know what the swamp filled political arena is doing,,,hello ? Allow him to make America Great Again,,,,,,,,
Supa Baku

Supa Baku . 2 hours ago

Savannah is the wrong person for this... The entire interview was about sticking it to Trump. She didnt listen to him once... Thats why Trump might win again... People are gonna support this idiot because he gets attacked by the media all the time.
PIJJA General. Papa john SINs

PIJJA General. Papa john SINs . 2 hours ago

Man this guy is magnetic
jass lanson

jass lanson . 2 hours ago

Savanna you have NO Class. America doesn’t want to listen to your personal uneducated questions . It was so obvious to the world that you were the wrong person to question the “President of the United States of America”——America wants to hear about the good that he’s done and what he plans to do if he’s elected......
Christina Kuehn

Christina Kuehn . 2 hours ago

trump half sitting on the chair makes me so uncomfortable....... among other things lol
Milo 11kay

Milo 11kay . 2 hours ago

Strange I can't seem to comment on bidens town hall 🤔 the news being corrupt and biased again hummmm most likely
Jack Lu

Jack Lu . 2 hours ago

Who agreed Trump is crazy?
bill hodgetts

bill hodgetts . 2 hours ago

Who is this chick?????
Brian M

Brian M . 3 hours ago

I can't wait to see you all cry AGAIN in November!!!
Adam Cronin

Adam Cronin . 3 hours ago

Why the hell does she take so much offence to his answers? She's a typical radical left reporter! The cheek of her talking over the president and trying to make him look stupid! I really respect Trump he just takes all these idiots on and always wins!
Nowujalo Official

Nowujalo Official . 3 hours ago

See if u wanna get trump you hit him the detailed policy questions..he just rambles with no plan
saeed RA

saeed RA . 3 hours ago

As a foreign, If I could vote, I would vote for Trump
carl f.

carl f. . 3 hours ago

either ask straight questions or stand behind the podium and debate the guy, not sure the need to argue with him like he's your uncle at thanksgiving dinner.
Rooted Reality

Rooted Reality . 3 hours ago

58:30 ... closing argument is strongest economy? Really? How many lost jobs? Lost an actual business? He is delusional
Girlgeek101 Stamping

Girlgeek101 Stamping . 3 hours ago

Why can’t answers be more direct? Why is everything ‘Democrats vs Republicans’ rather than looking at what we all need? I am tired of the divisive conversations that don’t lead to solutions.
nuke clear

nuke clear . 3 hours ago

Savannah Guthrie was under a lot of pressure to press Trump by the fake press

Barbie . 3 hours ago

Savannah Guthrie was on the attack. why did she say Q was violent. There is no evidence of that. Antifa is violent, over 100 days of riots in Portland. But no Q people have hurt anyone.

Barbie . 4 hours ago

TheToking _

TheToking _ . 4 hours ago

I was 100% against trump when he was first elected, now I’m 100% with him.... that’s because I opened my eyes and did research. I advise y’all do the same...
Rooted Reality

Rooted Reality . 4 hours ago

IRS treats him very badly? They treat all badly... notice from them is like a cop lighting up behind you 🤦‍♀️
Jason Farley

Jason Farley . 4 hours ago

💚💚Good Grief! Make a point Trump, we're waiting! . . . And is there honesty any more from this guy??? (Read your History books everyone!) This man has nothing important to say he goes on and on about nothing! Savannah for president for sure!!! I love her she's a sweet lady! Her, Hoda, and Jenna on "The Today Show" Monday thru Friday in the morning are awesome!!! If you watch their show, you'd know. 💕💚💕💜🌻🌻🌴🌴💜💙🌞🌞🌳🌳
amanda lynch

amanda lynch . 4 hours ago

Love the girl behind him giving a thumbs up and shaking her head

M G . 4 hours ago

this isnt trump. its a clone.
Ride the Wave of Fun!

Ride the Wave of Fun! . 4 hours ago

Oh, this Deceitful Charade must end my fellow citizens.... It's inspiring to see ppl start to wake ⏰ up to the National Tragedy of his Corrupt Administration. 👉 Please Vote Joe B to push this Garbage 🗑 out on 11/3! 🌝 Bye-Don! 👋 Have fun Ol' Teflon Con: 👉 golfing, being condescending, whining about being "victimized" by everyone all the time, AND 😄 dealing with forthcoming sealed indictments and lawsuits! 😄😜
Rene Sotelo

Rene Sotelo . 4 hours ago

You will never get a straight answer out of this clown
TheToking _

TheToking _ . 4 hours ago

Fire that no lip witch.... was very unprofessional this whole session
RTV Airsoft

RTV Airsoft . 4 hours ago

14:22 just look at her face she’s crazy
Ipo Ro

Ipo Ro . 5 hours ago

Isn’t it an awkward time for Trump and interviewer during the break time. Guess what they would say to each other lol

KROGER LADY . 5 hours ago

Who is this awful woman attacking Trump!!! She is biased towards the Biden camp.
Tina Maples

Tina Maples . 5 hours ago

*THIS WASN'T A TOWNHALL!, NOR WAS IT A DEBATE!!!* 🙄 (as the way too many of you people are repeating in your comments 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️) And Guthrie is TRASH, especially now, because TDS ruined her!! 🤷‍♀️🤣🤣🤣 I hope she realizes sooner, rather than later, that *NOT BEING A JOURNALIST WHO RUNS DOWN HER STORY, AND THE REPORTS NEWS WITHOUT THEIR OWN POLITICAL BIAS, versus just spewing the same tired a$$ garbage !* 🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Riley Munson

Riley Munson . 5 hours ago

I love that I got a Biden ad before this
Jessica Lynn is Sexy

Jessica Lynn is Sexy . 5 hours ago

Censoring should be illegal. Also that woman is a communist witch.
Dan Of The People

Dan Of The People . 5 hours ago

Comments on Biden's town hall are disabled, but not here. Care to guess how that mute button is going to work out? 😆

LITTLE DOT . 5 hours ago

She's so annoying
Christian Ramirez

Christian Ramirez . 5 hours ago

Ofc the lady is against trump . I mean that’s how it’s all set up is to be against trump
mike avery

mike avery . 5 hours ago

The companies that are doing really well are the ones that are automated not necessarily people working and making money but robots making money for mega companies.
Priscilla S

Priscilla S . 5 hours ago

Are media in America is horrible
Eden Leave

Eden Leave . 5 hours ago

I dont always think trump rocks, but here he rocked.
Michael Misinonile

Michael Misinonile . 5 hours ago

Maybe if the president didn't have to repeat himself constantly. He would be able to talk more about what is important! She is annoying.
Eden Leave

Eden Leave . 5 hours ago

Please get another new reporter, her smile is very very scary.
Priscilla S

Priscilla S . 5 hours ago

I wish this media could go to Russia
Priscilla S

Priscilla S . 5 hours ago

He always debates with media
Priscilla S

Priscilla S . 5 hours ago

It’s never about news only about attacking u him, never no important questions
Niko Grujic

Niko Grujic . 5 hours ago

Savannah the 💩 Mr president your going to defeat all this negatives. The American voters know this IDIOTS America loves you more than ever NOW. Trump 2020 100% Greetings from Las Vegas
Priscilla S

Priscilla S . 5 hours ago

All media does is try from start to put him down from time after they start

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