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Were you wondering what Aaron Rodgers' response was to the one football question on everyone's mind? Watch what happened after the show in the exclusive postgame chat at the end of today's Final Jeopardy!

Remember 2021’s NFC Championship Game when Green Bay lost to Tampa by 5 points? So does Jeopardy! guest host Aaron Rodgers. And our 2-day champion Scott won’t let him forget in this fun round of Final Jeopardy!

Final Jeopardy! 04/05/2021 | April 5, 2021

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Comments :


MR. M . 9 hours ago

I'm sorry what it feels like an snl skit... Any does speak a little louder be a little more entertaining to monotone n softspoken..... Who is stick to football
Sam Coll

Sam Coll . 10 hours ago

😂😂 why would she wager any money if she didn't know the answer...

LUKE PASCAL . 11 hours ago

Smooth as silk, just like on the field. My man A-Rodg. GO PACK!!!
Corek BleedingHollow

Corek BleedingHollow . 18 hours ago

Meh... he's got too bored of a tone of voice to be the Jeopardy host. Feel like that would make me doze off. For real compared to Alex Trebec's tone.
Steve Trump

Steve Trump . 22 hours ago

How embarrassing for the Packers front office
Steve Trump

Steve Trump . 22 hours ago

Manuel Aguirre

Manuel Aguirre . 22 hours ago

Jeopardy Game Show. Aaron Rodgers is the perfect👍Host.
Mark H-S

Mark H-S . 24 hours ago

"I'll take 'NFC Central Teams who can get to the NFC Championship game but then Choke' for $1000 Aaron! 😨 🏈 😂 📺
Joseph Pulaski

Joseph Pulaski . 1 day ago

Rip Matt LeFleur

gutenbird . 1 day ago

I’ve never seen a Rodgers have any charisma but he’s actually very good at this.

Scarletbull . 1 day ago

A-ARod looks like he could be Jake Gylllanhaal’s big bro. 😄
Bob Roggio

Bob Roggio . 1 day ago

Awe man. That was great!
Marshall Bryan

Marshall Bryan . 2 days ago

He is the one.
Diane Fobian

Diane Fobian . 2 days ago

Aaron Rodgers did a great job hosting Jeopardy and Alex would approve. 🤗 👍 ❣
Levi 501

Levi 501 . 2 days ago

Here is your host ....Aaron Rodgers!!! He should get the job, he brings it.
Donald Stanfield

Donald Stanfield . 2 days ago

Love this gentle giant, he did an amazing job.
Mark Raffield

Mark Raffield . 2 days ago

Aaron is no dumb jock. After all,

chilidrummer83 . 2 days ago

If he’s ever going to host a celebrity Jeopardy, it would be hilarious if they’d have SNL‘s Sean Connery to mock and tease him a little 😂

TRANSPORT MAN . 3 days ago

He looks great and can be funny. He just needs to be a little more animated with his voice.
Philly Fan

Philly Fan . 3 days ago

In one of the pictures of AR on jeopardy his left hand is set in a sign...just sayin...its a picture where he posed for with the jeopardy setup behind him...I kno I've seen him thro signs before...
Nicholas Woods

Nicholas Woods . 3 days ago

That lady looks so baked
Ken Adams

Ken Adams . 3 days ago

how the hell did no one know this but one person? dang.
Perry Nunes

Perry Nunes . 3 days ago

Packers feelings hurt and now trading Aaron Rodgers CONFIRMED
Bob Bowie

Bob Bowie . 3 days ago

the funny thing is Packers fired McCarthy because supposedly, he and Rodgers didnt see eye to eye
Julian Garces

Julian Garces . 3 days ago

Why did they kick that field goal?

xadam2dudex . 3 days ago

Have they found a new host yet ?
s. orm Gamalson

s. orm Gamalson . 3 days ago

Aaron is a great hosy
Ricardo Martínez

Ricardo Martínez . 3 days ago

Aaron Rodgers it's amazing!! cool and calm in the show...I hope next season the Packers win the super bowl!! GO PACKS, GO!!!

nas84payne . 3 days ago

I like him! He got charisma, is likeable, professional... He’d be a good choice! 👍
kolim jone

kolim jone . 3 days ago

I know tonight’s winner. Well done to him.
Daegog The Wyrdmake

Daegog The Wyrdmake . 3 days ago

I still don't understand kicking that field goal.

florencefortyseven . 3 days ago

Kevin Skoien

Kevin Skoien . 3 days ago

Rogers has the personality of of a wet dish towel.
Jonny Steele

Jonny Steele . 3 days ago

Who is Fred Rogers
travel nomad

travel nomad . 3 days ago

Rodgers can do Jeopardy permanently. He's great!!!
Jon Jackalone

Jon Jackalone . 3 days ago

I love that guy. Wished the niners picked him up
keith wukmir

keith wukmir . 3 days ago

Everyone I ever met or have seen or heard f rdd on have helped me.
Laura Mai

Laura Mai . 4 days ago

As a Chicago Bears fan I naturally hate Aaron Rodgers because he's the bane of our existence, but I'm starting to soften up to him a bit lately. He seems like a nicer guy now that he's with Shailene
G Wilson

G Wilson . 4 days ago

Kinda Like Clark Kent As The Host Of Jeopardy , Superman On The Field ..Love It !!

J B . 4 days ago

Aaron.... take the Jeopardy gig after your nfl contact is done

JohnAxelAbel . 4 days ago

Please take us back to the sb
John Pastirchak

John Pastirchak . 4 days ago

We enjoyed watching Aaron's run, especially toward the end when he seemed more relaxed. I noticed the same kind of development timeline with Ken Jennings. Gotta say though-- yes, I know I'm in the minority-- for my money, the best co-host so far has been Jeopardy Producer Mike Richards (note-- we refused to watch Katie Couric). The one critique about Mike was chemistry; he never seemed to connect in a personal way with the contestants. Still, the show never lost a beat on his watch. He kept things moving.

Thizlamic . 4 days ago

Shout out to AR from Nor CAL dude is a LEGEND.
Roxie Simmons

Roxie Simmons . 4 days ago

He has my vote for a permanent replacement!!!

FD . 4 days ago

I didn't know who Aaron Rodgers was before Jeopardy and I'm in love with him now!!!!!
Tony OsO

Tony OsO . 4 days ago

Buddy got the all time best wrong answer on Jeopardy 🤣🤣🤣
Michele Barcalow

Michele Barcalow . 4 days ago

Aaron Rodgers did a fine job! Thoroughly enjoyed his time on Jeopardy...

EricDavidFloyd . 4 days ago

Loved the call to kick the field goal. Sincerely Minnesota

briantravelman . 4 days ago

With all due respect, Aaron is a little low energy for this show.
Zappy Redstone

Zappy Redstone . 4 days ago

i dont get it

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