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RC Cars vs Berm Peak! Can these cheap RC’s make it to the top?
Berm Peak

Berm Peak

Published on 3 months ago

Today we really are doing something a little different; driving RC cars! By audience request, we’re going to take these RC’s on Berm Peak, see if they can climb to the top, and then attempt some of the jumps—that’s easier said than done. Normally we’re doing mountain bike stuff, but today the mountain bike trails are pretty sloppy.

Berm Peak Comanche https://amzn.to/2ECUSzT
It turns out that this is a WPL C24, and there are a lot of parts for it around the Internet! You could turn this little thing into a sweet truck, but out of the box it’s super jank and will need some tightening up.

Berm Peak Dune Buggy https://amzn.to/3gH58nT
This thing is a killing machine right out of the box, but I highly recommend upgrading to this battery for maximum braap! https://amzn.to/3gApqQ3

Berm Peak Trophy Truck https://amzn.to/2EIIDC1
Capable as it is, this truck doesn’t seem all that fast, and at $120 you might be better off stepping up to something that’s easier to find parts for.

Berm Peak Merch

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Berm Creek Playlist https://bit.ly/2lzA56O

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Music in this video is from
and https://soundstripe.com?fpr=seth20

I'm also working on a long-term moonshot project: Building a free public bike park in the Asheville metro area. Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding this. https://www.patreon.com/sethsbikehacks

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Comments :


Old_and_Slow . 1 day ago

That's a WPL C-14 Toyota Hilux
prince motovlogs

prince motovlogs . 2 days ago

Get a scx24 if you want a cool small rc
Brick Wall

Brick Wall . 2 days ago

Kid with massive budget and 5 star production value plays with his toys
Blake Newnham

Blake Newnham . 4 days ago

10:10 starts downhill
cesar fidel norzagaray

cesar fidel norzagaray . 4 days ago

That tug of war tho
Charlie Winters

Charlie Winters . 6 days ago

I love your videos
Lucas Mclean

Lucas Mclean . 7 days ago

It’s easy to hit a jump with a Rc if know how to drive
Linda Anders

Linda Anders . 7 days ago

Seth should make a rc trail with big jumps
Short Haul flights Infinite Flight

Short Haul flights Infinite Flight . 1 week ago

Bless you and bless Drama❤️😔

D H . 1 week ago

If you like this you need to check out RC Sparks TV

O B . 2 weeks ago

The bit were it toed it tho
L.M Hess

L.M Hess . 2 weeks ago

2 speed with a 2435 brushless...you’ll LOVE the C24
Andreas Kater

Andreas Kater . 2 weeks ago

I remember when you had a broom and drama was chasing you around
UriahTabitha Westmoreland

UriahTabitha Westmoreland . 2 weeks ago

You need a Traxxas RC car.
Briggs Gander

Briggs Gander . 2 weeks ago

Hey if you want a bad ass truck buy and arrma truck
Christian Robison

Christian Robison . 3 weeks ago

Stop calling it a Comanche
Kaelan Gerhardt

Kaelan Gerhardt . 3 weeks ago

Once Seth almost kills his elf while riding his bike I think this channel will probably turn into a rc car channel😂
Clipzz 12

Clipzz 12 . 3 weeks ago

You should invest more money into better rc cars so you can have more fun or just tune up the ones you already have but great video
Flynn & Frankie Sunday’s

Flynn & Frankie Sunday’s . 3 weeks ago

This is the whitest thing iv done
Karri Harjunsalo

Karri Harjunsalo . 3 weeks ago

Yeah thats lil bit "childish" but who cares thats fun
Brad Genet

Brad Genet . 3 weeks ago

Now I want to get an RC crawler!
Amanda Cartier

Amanda Cartier . 3 weeks ago

ah yes, watching tiny RC cars go off roading. i love this lol
Deliverance Lyngdoh

Deliverance Lyngdoh . 4 weeks ago

Yeah bro

parxz . 4 weeks ago

Dat Tepo

Dat Tepo . 4 weeks ago

Wish my dog would play gently with my rc he smacked it once and the car was out lol
Dat Tepo

Dat Tepo . 4 weeks ago

Hope traxxas can sponsor you
Aeld Allkushi

Aeld Allkushi . 4 weeks ago

Seth, get a slash 2wd, its not that expensive and its huge, so you wont be flipping, and it has amazing features.
flynasa 16

flynasa 16 . 4 weeks ago

LOL i fly RC planes and helis and drones i use too do car i have a masive 80 saeairs toyota land cruiser in RC form.
Chad Lunsford

Chad Lunsford . 4 weeks ago

Haha indestructible mach 10 little beast!
TheGalactic Josh

TheGalactic Josh . 4 weeks ago

I love the part in the whale tail it's so DRAMATIC I LOVE IT !!! MAN IT'S SO DRAMATIC!!!!!!!!!
TheGalactic Josh

TheGalactic Josh . 4 weeks ago

I love the part in the whale tail it's so DRAMATIC I LOVE IT !!! MAN IT'S SO DRAMATIC!!!!!!!!!

omginvalid . 4 weeks ago

Why didn't you just buy a nice RC car? You're fucking loaded lmao
Julian Tenorio

Julian Tenorio . 4 weeks ago

Day 187 of quarantine watching a grown man play with RC cars
Karen Laymaster

Karen Laymaster . 4 weeks ago

I use mine for my indoor sand box

Grant . 4 weeks ago

We need more of this!
Hehe Boi

Hehe Boi . 4 weeks ago

Hmm it would be great if you buy the Traxxas Xmaxx for oscar i know its little big for oscar but i dunno eh
Gon Freecs!

Gon Freecs! . 1 month ago

“I think I’m gonna have to send it” *increases speed by 0.3 mph*

Pan . 1 month ago

Try the losi 5-t and the losi dbxl its a gas powered kind of rc's

GNARLY TEK . 1 month ago

Wpl power🤙
That_One Fuze Main

That_One Fuze Main . 1 month ago

Lol get a Traxxis Slash 4x4
Brian Silvas

Brian Silvas . 1 month ago


GRW . 1 month ago

Limited slip diff*
Sebastian Svoboda

Sebastian Svoboda . 1 month ago

haha lil toy cars
Daniel Simpson

Daniel Simpson . 1 month ago

The way this was filmed makes all the difference. The angles made it so much more intense.

BLGaming . 1 month ago

you should get the traxxas trx-4 that would be such a good video
Random Guy

Random Guy . 1 month ago

I really enjoyed this video. I think occasional RC content would be great
Trent Snitht

Trent Snitht . 1 month ago

More rc please

CMC G . 1 month ago

How much does the dune buggy cost?
Benedict Gorman

Benedict Gorman . 1 month ago

at 10:40 it's the same music to Peter McKinnon's intro!!!
Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco Rodriguez . 1 month ago

Get a Traxxas RC Car Any you won’t be let down

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