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Queen Naija - War Cry (Audio)


Published on 2 years ago

Music video by Queen Naija performing War Cry (Audio). Β© 2018 Queen Naija, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


Comments :

Jasmine Alysse

Jasmine Alysse . 7 hours ago

After overcoming homelessness, you really got me shouting to this song! Sang QueenπŸ™πŸ½πŸ’—
Verlencia Taylor

Verlencia Taylor . 15 hours ago

Jus Me

Jus Me . 2 days ago

Im proud of you STILL.

MALACHI JOHNSON . 3 days ago

Do this song with torry kelly, and tash cobbs and u three wemon of god
Cunthia Bradley

Cunthia Bradley . 4 days ago

Actually my fav by Queen NaijaπŸŽ€πŸ‘‘πŸ˜‡β€β€β€
Shaileze _

Shaileze _ . 4 days ago

WE NEED MORE OF THIS 🀍 IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!! Praying for you God bless you Queen πŸ™πŸ½
Gabriela Webster

Gabriela Webster . 5 days ago

God well come back ❀️

Lakeside_21 . 1 week ago

I cry to this ..πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜­
Curls n' Tunes

Curls n' Tunes . 1 week ago

This song is amazing
Jesus Is Lord , 1 John 1:9

Jesus Is Lord , 1 John 1:9 . 1 week ago

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness
Kyanna B

Kyanna B . 2 weeks ago

N Hnmmmhhmhmjm My U Hun ujuu f no iigi
tabitha boggess

tabitha boggess . 2 weeks ago

@QueenNaija Baby girl this song is so powerful!!!!!! I needed this song today thank you hun! I hope you bring more out like this!
Nava Jackson

Nava Jackson . 2 weeks ago

Every time I listen to this song during this time the Holy Ghost comes upon me and make me praise dance
Jennifer Cintron

Jennifer Cintron . 2 weeks ago

Yes, we gotta fight .. Jesus is closer than ever .. I can feel it. We Need to get right with god . πŸ™
Regine k.

Regine k. . 3 weeks ago

This song hits even harder after facing this year 2020.
Divine Femininity

Divine Femininity . 3 weeks ago

Just listened to this like 4-5 times....not only because I'm going thru a hard time but because Queen was made for gospel and speaking about the Lord. Facts.
nevaeh reddix

nevaeh reddix . 3 weeks ago

Jayda Byrd

Jayda Byrd . 3 weeks ago

America is going through a spiritual war cry and also some Countries
leon clarke

leon clarke . 3 weeks ago

this a spiritual walk
Troi B.

Troi B. . 3 weeks ago

loveeee this
Princess .05

Princess .05 . 3 weeks ago

The way this uplifted me
Alyssa Price

Alyssa Price . 3 weeks ago

queen im watch in 2020 this is powerful!!!
Cass D. - Dream Stormers Tv

Cass D. - Dream Stormers Tv . 3 weeks ago

My favorite song by Queen to this day!
Airea Cardae

Airea Cardae . 3 weeks ago

I been a day one. I love her r&b. However in this song compared to those she not holding back. She is sanggging. Her anointing is too purposeful for r&b. She got both, God got her . <3<3<3.
Mz. Cece E.

Mz. Cece E. . 4 weeks ago

Juanita J

Juanita J . 4 weeks ago

Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn Brown . 4 weeks ago

The lord is really coming we all need to get ready it won't be long.

JustBrii . 4 weeks ago

I been listening to this for this whole week 😩😩😩 I watched her love performances .. & she really gotta calling. Leading them ppl like that πŸ’•

JustBrii . 4 weeks ago

Where she at... read these comments love. Look how many ppl you reaching !!!!’

JustBrii . 4 weeks ago

Queen need more songs like this. Your so anointed ..... beings me to tears EVEEY TIME. THIS is my favorite gospel song .... Queen I feel like God wanna use you. Let him use you ❀️❀️❀️❀️ your good for it.
Akeita Mahogany

Akeita Mahogany . 4 weeks ago

My whole body get chills to this song. Queen you have such a beautiful and powerful voice πŸ—£
Mia Alexandria

Mia Alexandria . 4 weeks ago

This is phenomenal it’s 2020 and us Christians need to remember that we can’t let the devil win us over because we belong to God!
Nayyiiee Bitxh

Nayyiiee Bitxh . 4 weeks ago

I love it , morning motivation !
April Topur

April Topur . 1 month ago

I really needed to hear these lyrics.
Blessed Rivas

Blessed Rivas . 1 month ago

Queen make more music like this The Lord is well pleased with this song don’t get distracted stay focused
Eleanor Lewis

Eleanor Lewis . 1 month ago

This is my new favourite song
ShikaCloudz 17

ShikaCloudz 17 . 1 month ago

What happened to herr😞 (the devil)
Avia Burris

Avia Burris . 1 month ago

Chains are broken
Lova Miss.,

Lova Miss., . 1 month ago

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Brandi Mann

Brandi Mann . 1 month ago

Amen amen amen
Lalique Sinkler

Lalique Sinkler . 1 month ago

Queen you put your heart and soul into this song I love how you are talking about the lord and how the devil is not going to get into your mind love itπŸ˜‡ 'm also added this song to my playlist πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ½
DeVon Tatum Actor

DeVon Tatum Actor . 1 month ago

This song is on point for what's going on today. THEY trying to our minds
Gabriela Webster

Gabriela Webster . 1 month ago

God is good
Diana NR

Diana NR . 1 month ago

Wow, speechless!! πŸ™πŸ»β™₯️
D&A Family

D&A Family . 1 month ago

I hope queen gets back to this, we need this. She turned to the worldly stuff 😭

SIMPLYAUDIA ! . 1 month ago

Her music is still good but ... she not a Christian anymore. She loves God. There's a difference.
Selena Martinez

Selena Martinez . 1 month ago

Praise to the lord
The Goddess Tee

The Goddess Tee . 2 months ago

Very amazing, Queen!
Marshyra Robinson

Marshyra Robinson . 2 months ago

Can you guys cash app me $2 $VickyJay2 Trying to start my own clothing line and i need help with materials. Any help is appreciated. Thank you😘
Yesenia Ibarra

Yesenia Ibarra . 2 months ago

Got chills

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