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Big Sean - Wolves ft. Post Malone


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

y h

y h . 44 minutes ago

That's cool
Andre Smit

Andre Smit . 2 hours ago

Vincent Carlston

Vincent Carlston . 3 hours ago

Titan tubes on FLEEK
Pratik Chetri

Pratik Chetri . 4 hours ago

People disliking and going against the pack *So you've chosen death
Bryan Simwayi

Bryan Simwayi . 4 hours ago

This song can put out a fire because this is a fire track🔥🔥🔥 Thank you in advance for the like😄

PATRICK Ologun . 4 hours ago

Kudos to *theshadow_hacker* on Instagram, I was able to get my girlfriend account hacked perfectly in less then 2hrs without, he's very trustworthy and smart, You can contact him for any type of hack

PATRICK Ologun . 4 hours ago

Kudos to *theshadow_hacker* on Instagram, I was able to get my girlfriend account hacked perfectly in less then 2hrs without, he's very trustworthy and smart, You can contact him for any type of hack
Vtax Ra

Vtax Ra . 4 hours ago

Ride with the mob, humdoo Allah 😂
king lily

king lily . 5 hours ago

Maple Chan

Maple Chan . 5 hours ago

Bruh the behind the scenes had a real wolf wtf where is it here?
Cash Drewski

Cash Drewski . 7 hours ago

This is Amazing!
Gohan Skywalker

Gohan Skywalker . 8 hours ago

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018): Akela: (The) pack go against me, that's risking they lives.
Johnny BlueGoo

Johnny BlueGoo . 8 hours ago

Post should've had the hook.

Vurixy . 9 hours ago

posty is one of the most photogenic artists when it comes to music videos
Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith . 11 hours ago

Why does post Malone look like he just joined the Aryan Brotherhood?
Marissa Wilson

Marissa Wilson . 11 hours ago

I really want to give Post a hug... He seems sad.
Dub itdown

Dub itdown . 11 hours ago

New music on my page today
Arthor Ruff

Arthor Ruff . 12 hours ago

atoria alderman

atoria alderman . 12 hours ago

turan kaplan

turan kaplan . 12 hours ago

this song especially like to plain jane and sugar wraith
The Onyx Codex

The Onyx Codex . 12 hours ago

A catchy song.
Marvin Lemus

Marvin Lemus . 13 hours ago

Big Sean needs a stylist bro
Jibril Builder

Jibril Builder . 13 hours ago

Big Sean is Kakashi
Jonathan Silva

Jonathan Silva . 13 hours ago

Had his mom in there with werewolf eyes thats coldddd
Alexis Rivera

Alexis Rivera . 14 hours ago

This is an epic collab 🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥

Jaylan . 14 hours ago

I came here for post malone

CBLifeHacks . 14 hours ago

Dope af
Marius Marre

Marius Marre . 14 hours ago

what A nice collab, two young goats on the same beat, can't believe didn't hit 1000000 millions , this song is fire..🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ten0chtl1 . 14 hours ago

Nick nack paddy wack give a dog a bone two thousand zero zero party Ooopp outta time my bacon smellin fine.
sultan alotaibi 30801

sultan alotaibi 30801 . 14 hours ago

Rita Pieciene

Rita Pieciene . 15 hours ago

Frederic Reid

Frederic Reid . 15 hours ago

Nate Skodi

Nate Skodi . 16 hours ago

SHEESSSHHHH!!! This video is incredible 🔥💯
Latoya Muthoni

Latoya Muthoni . 16 hours ago

This is lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘
Daniel Cruz

Daniel Cruz . 16 hours ago

post is fire but sean sounds bord
Mr French

Mr French . 17 hours ago

Sounds like an Hopsin song
Davidathm Grosminet

Davidathm Grosminet . 17 hours ago

would be perfect for the serie : raised by wolves " the kids could sing it lol"

DOESITMATTER7734 . 17 hours ago

How did post become more clean dressed then Sean. Lol dope track
Chilembo Chibwe

Chilembo Chibwe . 18 hours ago

Is that a mangekyo @0:47???
Time Rider

Time Rider . 18 hours ago

Haha those THX cops! Thats some scifi
Zarul 10

Zarul 10 . 19 hours ago

This video deserved more views, Come on,we need more views.
Facilities Manager

Facilities Manager . 19 hours ago

Spent a Milly on a Millie momma look at me.
Mango The Pod

Mango The Pod . 19 hours ago

i dont think post malone has ever sung a bad song
Kei Dii

Kei Dii . 19 hours ago

That whole 3 people shit with the camera was crazy with Sean!!👏👏👏👏🚀🚀🚀
Kei Dii

Kei Dii . 20 hours ago

Am I the only person who misses Post Malone's hair???👀👀
Subhan Mohammad

Subhan Mohammad . 20 hours ago

Who came here from spotify? 🙋‍♂️
PAPABOY1160 _yt

PAPABOY1160 _yt . 20 hours ago

post Malone is bald lol😂
Modern Zeus

Modern Zeus . 20 hours ago

Nice Beats :D
Collin Borsheim

Collin Borsheim . 20 hours ago

The Last of Us part 3 trailer song sounding good
Billie Jo

Billie Jo . 20 hours ago


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