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Comments :

Shepherd Stone

Shepherd Stone . 1 month ago

Alex is the guy who really deserves comeback player of the year. all that he has gone through to be playing again. go Washington.
John Hatchel

John Hatchel . 2 months ago

There is nothing inspiring about a QB too scared too throw the ball because he doesn't trust his own arm. He's a game managing backup at best.

B-Dub . 2 months ago

Go Utes!

Bloods2006 . 2 months ago

The furious second half comeback was more so fueled by the bengals watching their number one overall pick get his knee shattered. Mclaurin caught the 42 yarder in the first half and outside of that did nothing until burrow went down. Good on Alex smith for coming back from his horrific injury though.
Benjamin Valenzuela

Benjamin Valenzuela . 2 months ago

As a Chiefs fan, I have mad respect for Alex. I’m so glad to see him doing what he loves to do. This man is a natural leader, he would make one helluva coach someday if he chooses to do so.
Emma H

Emma H . 2 months ago

Terry is a great player , his QB situation reminds me of Hopkins in a way. Alex is good QB and is starting to already develop a chemistry with Mclaurin. His rookie year would’ve been insane but he was getting overthrown on a lot of passes
Benjamin Abraham

Benjamin Abraham . 2 months ago

Is it just me or does Alex Smith look like of Kevin Costner?
Tamara Russell-Czwartacky

Tamara Russell-Czwartacky . 2 months ago

So proud of Alex Smith! Great to see him back. KC is cheering for you! ❤💛
Joe Twining

Joe Twining . 2 months ago

Being a forever Washington fan, I have my head up high this year. Record is horrible but this young team shows a lot of promise. An awesome coach, an upcoming scary defense, studs at offensive skill positions, and now the veteran leadership of the toughest most inspirational QB Alex Smith. Years of awful and mediocrity could very well be over. Now just need to force Snyder out.

poptop11 . 2 months ago

I am a redskin for life ,but Don't tell me that was inspiring we won only because their qb got hurt ,the way it looked to me and to everyone else we were going to loose.
Noah Livingston

Noah Livingston . 2 months ago

Comeback player of the year

MashieGamie . 2 months ago

Idc, Alex Smith IS comeback player of the year
Negro Mando

Negro Mando . 2 months ago

Forever I love the Redskins!!!
Stacy Lipkins

Stacy Lipkins . 2 months ago

Washington 27 Dallas 17

Cpreme . 2 months ago

Should’ve lead terry to opposite sideline on deep bomb, could’ve been a touchdown, but Alex is playing very well
Ollin Adventures

Ollin Adventures . 2 months ago

who should win CPOY? big ben or alex smith?
Patrick Dawson

Patrick Dawson . 2 months ago

take shot every time you hear "mclahren"
Jasir Denard- Wlison

Jasir Denard- Wlison . 2 months ago

What channel is the football team
Adrian Barajas

Adrian Barajas . 2 months ago


A2T4R . 2 months ago

Wow, Scary Terry was wide open for an easy touchdown.
BreadMan Playz

BreadMan Playz . 2 months ago

wow great game off injury
Terry Robinson

Terry Robinson . 2 months ago

Alex smith to the 49ers confirmed
Corrigan Metcalf

Corrigan Metcalf . 2 months ago

Touched the field and passed the torch of pain to burrow
Jake the snake

Jake the snake . 2 months ago

He was so inspiring that joe burrow tried to Reenact his Most horrible day
bruce lau

bruce lau . 2 months ago

alex smith for Comeback player of the year 100%
Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist . 2 months ago

I am a die hard Chiefs fan,,,,loved um then,,,lov um now,,,,,~ Man,,what a story ~ Alex Smith rules !
Tony A

Tony A . 2 months ago

Really is good to see Alex Smith playing again. Respect
Dominik Wilson

Dominik Wilson . 2 months ago

Scary Terry is the best 2nd year WR. Can't change my mind. I know DK is amazing too so don't @ me

WeHaveTheMeats . 2 months ago

Hail To The Redskins!!!

B-Rev . 2 months ago

Hey I understand why folks would say Big Ben. But if you really learned about Alex Smith's 2 year journey to get back to where he is now, he should be comeback player of the year. The man had an injury that a Military compared to an IED injury. If he doesn't win he should be runner up.

21JulioJonesMahomes21 . 2 months ago

Kansas city is still rooting for you 11 ‼️ 🙏🏽
Home Depot

Home Depot . 2 months ago

Psionic X

Psionic X . 2 months ago

Take a shot everytime "McLaurin" is mentioned
BAM- 08

BAM- 08 . 2 months ago

They might make playoffs
Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones . 2 months ago

This is really boring I'm going to leave this and unsubscribe sorry actually I will not
Just A Random Dude On Youtube

Just A Random Dude On Youtube . 2 months ago

He didn’t even play well...
Spike Films

Spike Films . 2 months ago

Well Alex Smith looks pretty good but sad thing is that it was a TANK BOWL!!!!! * tank bowl theme *
Felix Da loc

Felix Da loc . 2 months ago

when baldy got his ass killed they ain stand on business

Vikisham09 . 2 months ago

I don't think Alex smith should be the comeback player of the year because to be a comeback player of the year you have to get injured at the start of the season reason and Alex smith got injured in 2018
Paul Majewski

Paul Majewski . 2 months ago

Day 3442245 of asking Baldy to get a new microphone to get rid of the echo 😆
Lisette Zamora

Lisette Zamora . 2 months ago

I hate Redskins
Dale Winston

Dale Winston . 2 months ago

Just foothold team lol
Ibrahim Mohamed

Ibrahim Mohamed . 2 months ago

alex smith for comeback player of the year
boys org

boys org . 2 months ago

it is a lit song
boys org

boys org . 2 months ago
Khamde Pak

Khamde Pak . 2 months ago


DEADSHOT . 2 months ago

should be a comeback player of the year not a wft fan (ravens)

ZiLa . 2 months ago

Hey that’s my Football team 😂😂
Evan Cramer

Evan Cramer . 2 months ago

Go subscribe to BallerTV he makes fire madden content and is doing a trace mcsorley career
Sad Cowboys Fan

Sad Cowboys Fan . 2 months ago

10 secs ago?

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