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Dave - God's Eye (Top Boy) [Official Audio]
OVO Sound

OVO Sound

Published on 1 year ago

A Selection of Music Inspired by The Series: https://OVOSOUND.lnk.to/TopBoy

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Comments :

D ∆ V I D

D ∆ V I D . 2 days ago

greatest song ive ever heard no cap

TMB.Cherif . 5 days ago

One of the greatest to do it
Stephen Marriott

Stephen Marriott . 1 month ago

5 star hotel lobby music

Tjay . 2 months ago

Dave is a gift from GOD I don't know why i didn't comment earlier
Swimmer BigAL

Swimmer BigAL . 2 months ago

I wish i could go back in time.
The Million Pound Blogger

The Million Pound Blogger . 2 months ago

I wasn't made to be a gangster, I'm takin' a rest. That's a home truth that I'll take on the chest
Hugo Corfa

Hugo Corfa . 2 months ago

beat got his sample from " heitor villa lobos / bachianas brasileiras 5" who,s produced that tune btw?
habib ahmed

habib ahmed . 2 months ago

Felt like listening to this song exactly 1 year later. Coincidence ?? I think not.

Lzzz . 3 months ago

Better than professor x

pragmaticpolitics . 3 months ago

this has a heavy drake vibe
James D

James D . 4 months ago

Cleanest beat in years
The Movie Quote Blogger

The Movie Quote Blogger . 4 months ago

Time piece and Harvey Dent
Rels Tagoe

Rels Tagoe . 4 months ago

The "I'll tell my kids I knew Michael before he got awards" bar was beautiful wordplay, because Michael's surname is ward (that's why he says awards)
Heiße Wurst

Heiße Wurst . 4 months ago

The fact you can hear him breathing between lines on this track kinda ruined it for me...
Heiße Wurst

Heiße Wurst . 4 months ago

That might be one of my favourite beats ever. It's so luxurious.

4D . 5 months ago

Does anyone notice there’s a difference on the vocals to Spotify and YouTube
santi mina

santi mina . 5 months ago

this is literally beyond music
mr james gaddy

mr james gaddy . 5 months ago

I got to make a song with you Dave let's call it beautiful bull
yousif yousif

yousif yousif . 6 months ago

Why werent these songs in top boy? i watched all three seasons and no dave songs were on even tho he made the best songs in the playlist
Abdul Qureshi

Abdul Qureshi . 6 months ago

“What we have in common with a game pool having 8 balls and a Q”🤧🤧🤧🥶🥶that bar flew over too many mans head

justyouraveragetwitterstan . 6 months ago

this is the best song on the tracklist
muhammad goni

muhammad goni . 6 months ago

On top boy his voice was way different

SirStik . 6 months ago

“Whole family full of talent, we’re the Adenugas” (JME Skepta)

ItsBradley . 6 months ago

Maddddd theory you know Ranell from Top Boy SummerHouse that's Modie he even says in this song I used to he Ranell
Philip Ismail

Philip Ismail . 6 months ago

“You’re as strong as the weakest person on your team”💯
Carter Fallon

Carter Fallon . 6 months ago

Any1 hear Dave say I used to be ra’nell?
Prod By Pronce

Prod By Pronce . 6 months ago

Joseph Ebuka

Joseph Ebuka . 7 months ago

Look at me that’s going to my bath, Dave just sat me here 😂.. Cman Man...
The Million Pound Blogger

The Million Pound Blogger . 7 months ago

I wasn't made to be a gangster, I'm takin' a rest That's a home truth that I'll take on the chest
Kai Cooper

Kai Cooper . 7 months ago

Man like modie

Cham . 7 months ago

Is it just me or is the audio on this different to the spotify version?

Blankar . 7 months ago

*Hands down, one of Dave’s greatest tunes. Defo top 5* 💯💯💯
Shrigga Onfroy

Shrigga Onfroy . 8 months ago

damn thus go hard a f
stunnah B4,

stunnah B4, . 8 months ago

Abdul moremore

Abdul moremore . 8 months ago

Whole family full of talent, we're the adenugas. Well if you dont know who adenuga is... Mike adenuga is the founder of globalcom the biggest network in Africa and also chairman of coin oil. His net worth over 7.7billion dollars And is brother wole adenuga got award of best movie producer and owned many television series in Nigeria and Africa
KRTV krtvstudios

KRTV krtvstudios . 8 months ago

Dave bars be going over heads it’s not even funny
Lesi Carew

Lesi Carew . 9 months ago

Neckrophilia I'm in A. P
Lesi Carew

Lesi Carew . 9 months ago

This guy is too hardd
Belize Boy D

Belize Boy D . 9 months ago


bert . 9 months ago

Dave is a white hater nothing more thick as pig shit and no talent

trudon . 9 months ago

Dave is like the uk nas. Insane lyricist.
Arran Evans

Arran Evans . 9 months ago

Underrated song

LAKSHYA VERMA . 9 months ago

“I used to be r’nealle”
Ismail Hussain

Ismail Hussain . 9 months ago

“I knew Michael before he had awards”
MacTilla Beats

MacTilla Beats . 10 months ago

Nutttinn Much2

Nutttinn Much2 . 10 months ago

`I knew michael before he had awards’

Cynane . 10 months ago

Absolutely love it. Thank you to everyone involved with this sound, keep it up please!
Joe Lee

Joe Lee . 10 months ago

Sully, you ain't going no where on friday 😂

G M . 10 months ago

'superleggara I'm in the DBS' , lil love island reference
Taylor Radford

Taylor Radford . 10 months ago

"Cream blaze a white night call me Harvey dent,Bruce Wayne a timepiece I bought batman too" (A batman is a type of Rolex) 🔥🔥🔥

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