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Mercedes EQS is the Most Luxurious Electric Car and it's Not Even Close...
Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

Published on 2 weeks ago

The Mercedes EQS takes the electric car to another level.
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Comments :

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy . 2 weeks ago

You thought this was luxurious...? Try this 😂 - https://youtu.be/2wVElZZV4CY
Iqbal 072

Iqbal 072 . 53 minutes ago

Sometimes the luxury car cannot keep you happy. I ever wish if we can buy some happiness to keep me happy. This is still a car so paying 100k to buy the luxury doesn’t make sense.

Thorgeir . 5 hours ago

Designers these days have such horrible taste for exteriors....incredible interior though.
asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 6 hours ago

So futuristic, its like a spaceship....💖💖💖
Velin Doychev

Velin Doychev . 7 hours ago

China Mercedes Хахахаха

COVERT CRUZER HD . 7 hours ago

Hey Lew! You gonna buy it? 🤣

KarlRossmann1900 . 7 hours ago

Ugly as hell. Will steal sales from S class and lose MB ton of money. Good luck!

Mp_20 . 8 hours ago

Working From home (WFH)? it will be WFYC soon!!
Tim Dohov

Tim Dohov . 8 hours ago

ugly disgraceful design, no no

ThePrada21 . 9 hours ago

This Studio is Supreme and Lew is Amazing
Tim Dohov

Tim Dohov . 9 hours ago

Tesla smokes;)) facked

J P . 9 hours ago

Tesla killer!

A K . 9 hours ago

Would love to own one only if I could afford. Tesla might be the next Nokia
joris ermens

joris ermens . 9 hours ago

When you review a CAR and can't stop exaggerating. Then you realise he didn't drive it 1 meter.... bullshit.

Hitz . 10 hours ago

He doesn't even drive it.. lol.
Mad House

Mad House . 11 hours ago

OMG the way you sold this car to me eish i got to say im in love with this car, im saving starting today.....
Jean Michel

Jean Michel . 12 hours ago

Great video good job

Nautilus . 12 hours ago

I bet you regret getting that taycan now. Don’t lie

Quest4Truth . 13 hours ago

How much?
Marko Zakic

Marko Zakic . 17 hours ago

German engineering at it's best
Ds Production

Ds Production . 18 hours ago

Immad Shahid

Immad Shahid . 19 hours ago

No, I'm happy with my corolla.
Michael Brown

Michael Brown . 19 hours ago

This car is amazing
Matej Bordon

Matej Bordon . 19 hours ago

Where is the unboxing video?

Gee . 20 hours ago

Most of the technology in Mercedes doesn’t make sense because the quality is so low they always break down and insanely expensive to repair, I own a Mercedes a class
Mert Mehmed

Mert Mehmed . 20 hours ago

RGB car trend has officially begun
Zarif MS

Zarif MS . 20 hours ago

Me: What is art? Mercedes: Yes!
Rage Quit

Rage Quit . 21 hours ago

4:05 when I see my girl undressing
Quinton Markett

Quinton Markett . 21 hours ago

This is the future

TheHQuad . 21 hours ago

I want a car with: 1. Performance of a tesla s 2. Interior of EQS 3. Exterior of i8

pusher . 22 hours ago

the time has begin , tesla get the fck outta here

Wolf . 22 hours ago

Не знаю как у вас, но у меня это вызывает отвращение и дизлайк ставится автоматически
Hans Raj

Hans Raj . 23 hours ago

RGB Car love it
Mega Magikarp

Mega Magikarp . 24 hours ago

I’m getting one. Speaking it into existence.

Jerry’O . 1 day ago

Bye bye Tesla 🤣🤣

Charles . 1 day ago

Interior like the rhino in vegas
Francis King

Francis King . 1 day ago

Imagine some 1 keyed that car 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
mel diaz

mel diaz . 1 day ago

The fron looks like a early 2000 Toyota corolla WTF its ugly

Fyat . 1 day ago

The song is "Iamdaylight - Dark Fantasy" thanks me later :D
bocoy noiu

bocoy noiu . 1 day ago

On a dark night...moving through the city like that. That was poetic 😎
Anthony Coyle

Anthony Coyle . 1 day ago

You sound like Terrence McKenna shrooming at the beginning.
Delano The Beatnik

Delano The Beatnik . 1 day ago

Well, it's no surprise. It comes from the guys who basically invented the automobile.

CHH Mo . 1 day ago

This is Forzavista in real life😅
Max Biber

Max Biber . 1 day ago

too wild
Pets fun,love and cuteness

Pets fun,love and cuteness . 1 day ago

You and yours video is outstanding

Shuaib . 1 day ago

The car is awesome but i have to say too complicated maybe buy it just because.
sagat bison

sagat bison . 2 days ago


Fatboi . 2 days ago

such a shame it looks fuck ugly from the front.
verphase phase

verphase phase . 2 days ago

it legit looks like a toyota camre or whatever it looks like a other car that has existed alreayd
Jammy Creamer

Jammy Creamer . 2 days ago

design looks like a cheap Honda civic on the outside lol

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