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Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)


Published on 6 days ago

Lonely is out now: http://smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at http://activeminds.org/lonely

Subscribe to benny blanco’s youtube: http://smarturl.it/bennyblancoYT

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco

Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

Comments :

Miwa Yoshida

Miwa Yoshida . 27 seconds ago

you did well, it's allright. we love you ♥︎
Denny Quontana

Denny Quontana . 3 minutes ago

You don't have. A. Lone you my. Fan. KS
javiera bascuñan

javiera bascuñan . 5 minutes ago

This and Just like you by Louis make me cry so muccch ,I'm such a babyyyy!!!

PSJ . 10 minutes ago

The fuck he needs to get into the spotlight again ... y so less views :(

Dado ROKI . 12 minutes ago

Legends never die.
Pauline Caasi

Pauline Caasi . 15 minutes ago

lets appreciate the fact that this is one shot-
Pramesh Shrestha

Pramesh Shrestha . 17 minutes ago

He has written what he has experienced 👍 Great 👍 and related❤️

Aloka . 18 minutes ago

For your record i never hated Justin Bieber
Flaqo Raz

Flaqo Raz . 19 minutes ago

To To

To To . 19 minutes ago

Tu peut être fort sans personne tant qu'il y a dieu Elohim yeshoua christ Aissa dans ta vie force a tous surtout dans ces temps qui court ne raté pas le test 🌍🌏🥰🌎🥰🥰🥰🙏
nadine mbah

nadine mbah . 19 minutes ago

The pain in his Voice tho.... Just heartbreaking
nan phyo

nan phyo . 20 minutes ago

Your song always touch my heart and soul.. So amazing
Leaping Leprecones

Leaping Leprecones . 20 minutes ago

I feel happy and sad
julie melon

julie melon . 21 minutes ago

lil xan
Jason G

Jason G . 23 minutes ago

Who’s feeling lonely while watch this?
Pongpong Pingpong

Pongpong Pingpong . 25 minutes ago

To the world he was perfect but no one actually knew what he was going through
Tiff S

Tiff S . 31 minutes ago

Relatable. I've had nothing and no one to call.
elisa courby

elisa courby . 32 minutes ago

je l’aime
Ciya Verma

Ciya Verma . 35 minutes ago

Lonely ... Sounds as though donkey is crying😂😂
Alexia Maria

Alexia Maria . 36 minutes ago

I don't have mom but this song îs starting me cry... 😭
Rene Gonzalez

Rene Gonzalez . 38 minutes ago

Pretty cool that he sang like and got the Walmart Yodeling Kid for his video.

사랑레 . 41 minutes ago

I'm here cz lucas
Aishel Murillo

Aishel Murillo . 42 minutes ago


BC . 43 minutes ago

explains a lot ... He's grown up alot.
Vish Singh MUSIC

Vish Singh MUSIC . 43 minutes ago

Friends I made its short cover please watch ☺️🙏🙏
Delija Aniplu

Delija Aniplu . 44 minutes ago

This broke me in so many ways 😔
Patricia Maquilan

Patricia Maquilan . 45 minutes ago

I'm related to this. Really.
do it and i will hug you back

do it and i will hug you back . 50 minutes ago

Who's here because of Bella's tiktok ? 🤣
Olivia Jawh

Olivia Jawh . 51 minutes ago

Some people can be really mean and try to be little you to make you feel like shit. They won't acknowledge your existence and achievements. That's their way of trying to break you and then when they do, they call you crazy. They know that you're more capable than they are and have a bright future. Just keep doing you and keep going because they can only look from afar but can't be part of what you have.

Narmytanish . 52 minutes ago

I am so sorry Justin I couldn't defend you but nobody listened. They called me 12 year old fangirl but this 12 year old fangirl knew, what those toxic old hags were doing, was wrong and was pure jealously.
Noor Alawneh

Noor Alawneh . 52 minutes ago

God forgive them, there's nothing harder than loneliness, but we're here, Justin 💔😔
Lynx Nightcore

Lynx Nightcore . 52 minutes ago

Fact:You can't smile while breathing.. Sorry,Just Wanted To See You Smile..♥️
Manas Digaari

Manas Digaari . 54 minutes ago

he was lonely :(
Ptao Tom

Ptao Tom . 55 minutes ago

Aquí darán like los que hablan español 👌 Y supongo que muchos estamos de acuerdo que la mejor parte es la que dice : Im so looooonly ☹💥
drama hub

drama hub . 56 minutes ago


Mannan . 56 minutes ago

Zero budget visual.
Manish Lama

Manish Lama . 56 minutes ago

This song really touches the heart of everyone.

EchoWing . 57 minutes ago

Really cool to see yodeling make it into pop music.
kim Bukhari

kim Bukhari . 58 minutes ago

This hit me like a damn truck
Freaking Eminem

Freaking Eminem . 59 minutes ago

You killed it bro @Justin love you.... Progress and prosper.... 🥀🐼🐥🐿️

HANIEL MELINA . 1 hour ago

We love you Justin❤️.
Olivia Lee

Olivia Lee . 1 hour ago

Life is short to pretend you hate Justin Bieber

Hobbit . 1 hour ago

Well said!! JUSTIN!!! so proud of you! you have come a long way! it's okay to talk to about your feelings!! thank you for coming back the world 🌍 miss you heaps!! (me). ~JAC

AwesomeAaronOfficial . 1 hour ago

Wow, didn’t expect Justin to drop an F-bomb.
Sofia Lopez Barrios

Sofia Lopez Barrios . 1 hour ago

i love you forever
Анна Тарасова

Анна Тарасова . 1 hour ago

Очень искренне. Жаль, что известность так безмерно дорога.....

beeanca13 . 1 hour ago

He was 14 when he got signed a record deal, started to get famous at 15, and then was a global superstar by 16. People really bullied him for no reason which really spiraled him into doing stupid things. The world was so unfair to him man. He didn’t deserve the hate. But I’m glad he’s able to express himself now and be in a better place.
Maria Mendoza

Maria Mendoza . 1 hour ago

My heart really felt this song💔 Such a beautiful song with a sad truth behind it. I've been a belieber since the beginning of Justin's career and I've seen him grow and become the amazing man he is today and I will forever be grateful that I was a part of your life in some way. However, to believe that he was happy because he was a famous singer with sold out shows and had everything when in reality he felt alone and unhappy is truly heart-rending, especially if you've been a supporter since the beginning because we didn't realize that Justin was in this position all this time and he only wanted someone to hear him, comfort him and be there for him and we thought we were providing that for him but as much as we tried it wasn't effective. Justin, I'm sorry you had to go through this at a young age and I'm sorry that we couldn't be there for you like you wanted us to. I'm happy you were able to fight through it and overcome this lonely stage of your life because now you have found true happiness and your true self and you're surrounded with people who love you. Now you're prospering in every way. I love you forever and will always be here to support you till the end❤️
mandeep kaur

mandeep kaur . 1 hour ago

I am a Selena stan. But I hope he should be happy in his life and not everyone is a perfect hum an. They will become only better humans after experiencing bad things. Still love the message from the song👍
maximiliano alvarez

maximiliano alvarez . 1 hour ago

Justin se merece todo, sos el uno, yo te critiqué en mi pasado y juro que me arrepiento porque amo lo que haces y tu música me llena, GRACIAS POR EXISTIR JUSTIN

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