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Mixing Every Nail Polish in My Brand Together (What Colour Will It Be?👀)
Simply Nailogical

Simply Nailogical

Published on 5 days ago

Happy Birthday to ME, who wants some Got Cake? Shop➡️ http://holota.co/simplybday

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💿🌮💅🎂H O L O T A C O S I M P L Y B D A Y P O L I S H:
"Got Cake?" NOW AVAILABLE➡️ http://holota.co/simplybday
$13 (USD) multi-dimensional icy nail polish packed with holo flakies, silver foil flakes, and purple iridescent shimmer🥳
***This is a LIMITED EDITION polish in a custom lilac holo box. We made one big birthday bash batch which I hope is enough for everyone who wants one to enjoy! Once it sells out, we will not be restocking it.***

...this video also included every single other nail polish we've ever made at Holo Taco but I'll spare myself the typing😂

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Disclaimer cause I love you guys: I didn't pay myself specifically to make this video for Holo Taco but I do benefit from Holo Taco sales😊 Some other links above are affiliate links.

Comments :

Angie Pretorius

Angie Pretorius . 11 minutes ago

🤔 Holo taco’s 🌮 own charcoal delight
1518 Anushka Singh

1518 Anushka Singh . 23 minutes ago

How did Cristine get her hands on patanjali shampoo😭😭 it's shit man

Cyrridven . 25 minutes ago

Safiya should melt down all the halloween candy and mix them together.
Bernie Nash

Bernie Nash . 38 minutes ago

I think you should have done the whole bottles and then you could have had a Frankenstein nail polishes like Sophia's videos
Maryam Zaghabah

Maryam Zaghabah . 40 minutes ago

You could mix all your different oats together

SurfCix . 1 hour ago


ace . 2 hours ago

Galaxy taco

M A Y A L A V I E . 2 hours ago

mega taco
Najwa Dinara

Najwa Dinara . 2 hours ago

galaxy holo
Suzeth Vasquez

Suzeth Vasquez . 2 hours ago

The fact that I just realized she was born on my birthday 💀
Alex Miller

Alex Miller . 3 hours ago

Name: Holosexual Orgy

Lettrebag . 3 hours ago

Simply! For scientific accuracy, USE A SCALE o wo! just pour out the same amount by weight of each polish :o!

mumffin7 . 3 hours ago

Okay but why is no one talking about what appears to be a holo taco nail oil pen??? 👀👀👀 I’ve been waiting for this for foreverrrrrrr
Me Myself And I

Me Myself And I . 3 hours ago

11:39 Simply All Shades or Purple Sus
Celi Nora

Celi Nora . 3 hours ago

“Holo party”
Tia Babcock

Tia Babcock . 3 hours ago

You should call it "Taco Supreme"
Nonya Bizzness

Nonya Bizzness . 3 hours ago

Holo Taco Galaxy Mix
Tiana J

Tiana J . 3 hours ago

a named for it would be holo tacos say it faster
Abigail Wienk

Abigail Wienk . 3 hours ago

Ohh mixing all hair dyes would be cool! You could do each color within a brand, then all the colors in a brand together and then all of the brands together 🥺
Joe Hawkins

Joe Hawkins . 3 hours ago

13:52 i’m a subway employee and i did this and it tasted like tuna with marinara and expired buffalo sauce, do not recommend

Slaney . 4 hours ago

omg the music from the pewdiepie new car video
Tavia Mason

Tavia Mason . 4 hours ago

You should name it 2 coat purple
Green Tea

Green Tea . 4 hours ago

I think, make a wish would be good name... Why? Because you can only do that if you wish you have all of Christine's nailpolish...
Skyy Milburn

Skyy Milburn . 4 hours ago

okayyyy emoji in the title! i see you
Shelby Tone

Shelby Tone . 4 hours ago

HAPPY BDAY CRISTINE❤️💓 i love this video and the colors, and i just want to tell you i would simply die for that topper and flakie mix as a polish, it’s so utterly mezmerizing;-;
Tatiana Pulido

Tatiana Pulido . 4 hours ago

You should put the steel grey of the creme mix as a first coat then put the mix of holos and unicorn skins on top
Denise Wallace

Denise Wallace . 4 hours ago


BANI MANDAL . 4 hours ago

Melting all peely bag nails.to a new nail colour.
Avery P

Avery P . 4 hours ago

Mixing all of the coffee together whether that be from like the grocery store or somewhere like Starbucks or Dunkin.
Ruth Villa

Ruth Villa . 4 hours ago

I felt like I was watching a Saf video
Alli Booker

Alli Booker . 5 hours ago

You should name it taco baby
Marlee Quinn

Marlee Quinn . 5 hours ago

She should do a vid where she buys the candy Razzles off of Amazon and her and Ben rate them 1-10
Sunshine Hahn

Sunshine Hahn . 5 hours ago

The holo glitters purple color was to die for
Daniel Huddleston

Daniel Huddleston . 5 hours ago

I really really like the grey color the creme polishes made. Also Happy Birthday
Daniel Huddleston

Daniel Huddleston . 5 hours ago

I really really like the grey color the creme polishes made. Also Happy Birthday
Marlene Cortes

Marlene Cortes . 5 hours ago

AHHHHHHHHH YOU AND ME HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY 😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️how did I not notice😔I’m sorry
Lia_ Artz

Lia_ Artz . 5 hours ago

It all else fails " Simply Mixed "
Madelyn Grace Hooten

Madelyn Grace Hooten . 5 hours ago

The final mix should be called Simply Galactic And the rainbow ones should be poured in one as layers so when you paint your nail its all random and tie dye and it should be called: Simply Rainbow These nail polishes should be a special edition so you could have a SimplySpecial page on the website and if you buy one you get another polish 20% off Hope this helps and that you read this💕💅

8bit72HAC . 5 hours ago

Simply Everything (unoriginal I know, but it's to the point) Also I love the color, please release that as an official shade, I would buy it

23socks . 5 hours ago

mixing all of ur overnight oats!!!
Bailey Van Orman

Bailey Van Orman . 5 hours ago

Mixing all your oats!

Hon3yBunny . 5 hours ago

The multi-chrome would be nice in a gradient
Laura Joubert

Laura Joubert . 5 hours ago

I'm a bit disappointed Cristine. You are a data need like me, but you chose the inaccurate '2 second pour' over the far more accurate weight method. You need a scale for the next time you mix girl!
Samantha Parkell

Samantha Parkell . 5 hours ago

Please do a polish mountain with all of the flakeies and linears
Don’t be shy watch some more !!!

Don’t be shy watch some more !!! . 5 hours ago

Girl you 32 i thought you were 21
Little Savages

Little Savages . 5 hours ago

All in
Kristine Jordan

Kristine Jordan . 5 hours ago

Name submission: "Holo Darkness, My Old Friend"
Bethany Crausen

Bethany Crausen . 6 hours ago

Happy Belated birthday!!!!! 😊

Undertale_Aus . 6 hours ago

You could call it “Maybe Muave” , “MixUp”, “HoloWeen Night “, “Holo Cocktail “, “Rewind”, “Six Sins” ( because of the six groups ), “Playlist “, or “Shuffle”
Ace Trainer Kat

Ace Trainer Kat . 6 hours ago

Oh! Loaded Taco Platter!

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