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If Everything Was Like Among Us 3
Shiloh & Bros

Shiloh & Bros

Published on 2 weeks ago

Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 3 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most? 

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Comments :

Shiloh & Bros

Shiloh & Bros . 2 weeks ago

‘That’s Sus’ and ‘Imposter’ hoodies now available on our website! https://shilohandbros.com
karen Tondro

karen Tondro . 23 minutes ago

We want part4! We want part 4!
Ammar Fawwaz

Ammar Fawwaz . 34 minutes ago

Whos impostor?
Rony Saha

Rony Saha . 39 minutes ago

Pls do among us. 4
Loida Villanueva

Loida Villanueva . 41 minutes ago

at the end ir was reilly good
Debi Macdonald

Debi Macdonald . 44 minutes ago

It’s blue
Dhyan Krishna A

Dhyan Krishna A . 45 minutes ago

Fart Reported lol 😂
crazy crafts

crazy crafts . 49 minutes ago

Part 4 !!!!!
NOOR GL2013NO01393

NOOR GL2013NO01393 . 55 minutes ago

i want part 4
Wonders Of Wonder

Wonders Of Wonder . 58 minutes ago


Ramyazilla . 2 hours ago

please bring part 4 of it

niight. . 2 hours ago

The impostors could’ve got the win if black didn’t keep blabbering
Danielle Walkley

Danielle Walkley . 2 hours ago


franizockt . 2 hours ago

I thought David wouldn’t be part of part 3 that’s sus.....
Mefa Blastri

Mefa Blastri . 2 hours ago

Pliss shilloh part 4
Łēmøň Ţėå

Łēmøň Ţėå . 2 hours ago

orange is always susing red but red is not imposter in 1st and 2nd game but in 3rd game WOW its really red
John Matthew Ledesma

John Matthew Ledesma . 2 hours ago

Me vent
Gauri Arora

Gauri Arora . 2 hours ago

Elijah at 1:44 I laughed so hard
bonbon Sambo

bonbon Sambo . 3 hours ago

bonbon Sambo

bonbon Sambo . 3 hours ago

Purnota's World

Purnota's World . 3 hours ago

I want part 4 plzz
Ace Ivan Dao

Ace Ivan Dao . 3 hours ago

you cant vote off 2 people
Shanti Penmatsa

Shanti Penmatsa . 4 hours ago

materwelon mimiyuh

materwelon mimiyuh . 4 hours ago

Chinzorig Chinzoo

Chinzorig Chinzoo . 4 hours ago

I don't understand this XD
Icha Urifarifin

Icha Urifarifin . 4 hours ago

laine Neps

laine Neps . 5 hours ago

Henry Solomon

Henry Solomon . 5 hours ago

Pls among us 4
Noah Nuevo

Noah Nuevo . 5 hours ago

Can u guys make more?? Ur vids are rlly good lol
Malakye Ollero

Malakye Ollero . 5 hours ago

Part four
Mehaffey Wynne

Mehaffey Wynne . 5 hours ago

Orange: REDS SUS Everyone there: no red is not sus Orange: sees red vent Everyone:votes red and orange Me:SCREAMS YES GET THEM OUT
Dung Phan

Dung Phan . 5 hours ago

There’s not difference both walks are the same
Solandyi Davila

Solandyi Davila . 6 hours ago

I mean part 4 and 5 it so fun
Solandyi Davila

Solandyi Davila . 6 hours ago

U guys should do part 3 and 4 among us is the favorite game yay
Christmas David

Christmas David . 6 hours ago

Among us in a n
Bentenshok Gaming

Bentenshok Gaming . 6 hours ago

Teddy and the crew

Teddy and the crew . 6 hours ago

The purple is a baby becaues she does not to die
Katty Maeda

Katty Maeda . 6 hours ago

Me but poor black
Ritchie Chrysander Tedjo Seputra

Ritchie Chrysander Tedjo Seputra . 6 hours ago

hey hey HEY

hey hey HEY . 7 hours ago

Purple its my faforite
Aqua love Nicosia

Aqua love Nicosia . 7 hours ago

the kitty cat girl sounds like a teacher I don't really know the characters names
Crystal girl 22

Crystal girl 22 . 7 hours ago

I relate to white I am always on cams but never remember what color it was lol
Dao yang

Dao yang . 7 hours ago

Red: oh its clear😈
Emely Marquez

Emely Marquez . 7 hours ago

There’s a cold down the for emergency button
Yessenia Y Molina

Yessenia Y Molina . 7 hours ago

I like this video
Dao yang

Dao yang . 7 hours ago

Orange: OH SNAP OH SNAP i was right!!! Red was sus i knew it!! Oh snapp!!
Dao yang

Dao yang . 7 hours ago

Red black and blue is imposter
Andrez Cardinal

Andrez Cardinal . 7 hours ago

Sion Gonzalez

Sion Gonzalez . 7 hours ago

I love your among us videos
Lego Productions

Lego Productions . 7 hours ago

I think its banana man blue and orange I was right

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