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Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets | Week 12 NFL Game Preview


Published on 2 months ago

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Comments :

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez . 2 months ago

dolphins will destroy the jets 100.0.
Michael Koszowski

Michael Koszowski . 2 months ago

I got to say , miami has the weirdest "bend don't break" defenses i have ever seen .
Edward Kelly

Edward Kelly . 2 months ago

This is the best chance that the Jets get a win

Darkphantom4 . 2 months ago

If jets win I'll eat dolphins for 1 year
Shawn Eldridge

Shawn Eldridge . 2 months ago

Lets win this game + lets get into the super bowl and win that too. Fins up, you rock miami dolphins.

1genius1 . 2 months ago

Guessing the Dolphins win 27-13.
Artur Rofi

Artur Rofi . 2 months ago

Jets, C’Mon man. Get to Tua. He aint all that

yfall2010 . 2 months ago

No Tua but Fitz will succeed.. 31-13
Richie Betz

Richie Betz . 2 months ago

cj potter

cj potter . 2 months ago

Should be a easy win for my Fins
Rocky Strickler

Rocky Strickler . 2 months ago

Has there EVER been a team shut out TWICE by the same opposing team in one season?.. I have a dream!
Ashley LaGasse

Ashley LaGasse . 2 months ago

58-6 dolphins win
Shawn Little

Shawn Little . 2 months ago

Hey you never know new york jets could pull the impossible off they will get better just wait and see if not this year gonna get things rite somehow some way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chrisropher boulay

chrisropher boulay . 2 months ago

I hope the new York jets will win the game not the dolphins I het the dolphins they all was win the game they suck so bad I het them.

datraass . 2 months ago

Chase Trent

Chase Trent . 2 months ago

Let's go Fitzmagic!
Castrik NM

Castrik NM . 2 months ago

To all of you Tua haters who are still high off the Broncos game let me ask you this: "who else are we gonna have?" We have Fitzpatrick but he has already proven that he's *inconsistent* even with those games he played before Tua came in full time. You all want to play with tools that *we don't have* . All we can do is play with what we've got.

lulbaby_16 . 2 months ago

22-13 MIA
Mad Peter

Mad Peter . 2 months ago

Daniel is the most dumbest person ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mad Peter

Mad Peter . 2 months ago

Since when does a team score 29 and the other scores 19
Wayne A. W.

Wayne A. W. . 2 months ago

Yo! As of today, Saturday, November 28, 2020, Trevor Lawrence/QB-Clemson is 32-1 as a starter, having lost only to Cincy's QB Joe Burrow (formerly of LSU) in last year's National Collegiate Championship. Yo! What dat even mean? Gangrene (NY Jets), don't be like da Knicks and mess dis sh-t up. What choo gon' do?

ddawgg23 . 2 months ago

Dolphins 37-20
HTTR- 34

HTTR- 34 . 2 months ago

Jets 6-10 the comeback is now lmao

MOXIE OSWALD . 2 months ago

Dolphins:30 Jets:3
Braydon Keil

Braydon Keil . 2 months ago

28_24 jets win

shadowchaser13 . 2 months ago

Does anyone know who the voice of the previews is? He gets funnier every week :)
Nate Wilmot

Nate Wilmot . 2 months ago

I bet the jets will win 🤣🤣
Richie Szczepaniak

Richie Szczepaniak . 2 months ago

28-16 Miami
Siddharth Sawale

Siddharth Sawale . 2 months ago

3:03 Devante parker?
Shane Mahr

Shane Mahr . 2 months ago

Dolphins 31 jets 7
Lance Wolfe

Lance Wolfe . 2 months ago

Great write up!
Robin Cooper

Robin Cooper . 2 months ago

daniel jerimiah out of his mind if jets win 21-20 i call bull on that
Robin Cooper

Robin Cooper . 2 months ago

ez claps dolphins all the way 33-3
Exx Reid

Exx Reid . 2 months ago

bruh whoever picked the jets needs be fired.
Joseph Cronan

Joseph Cronan . 2 months ago

Dolphins-28 Jets-24
Hudson Moskowitz

Hudson Moskowitz . 2 months ago

31 - 9 Dolphins

K1NG D3F4ULT . 2 months ago

The Dolphins OC won’t open things up he doesn’t trust Tua like Fitz but I need to see drives where he has easy throws mixed in with hard reads and dots where h
Doc Brown

Doc Brown . 2 months ago

🐬 24 ✈️ 16

Wolfy_Ellie . 2 months ago

So mad im on vacation in south Florida so this game will air, guess im watching redzone somehow. 😔
fun boy that

fun boy that . 2 months ago

Mami. Win so good
Pat Bush

Pat Bush . 2 months ago

We will annihilate the Jets!! Is this a joke??? Easy “W” don’t even need to watch it. Go Dolphins!!! 🏈🔥💯
David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez . 2 months ago

Dolphins 24, Jets 10
Castle Bravo Productions

Castle Bravo Productions . 2 months ago

I’m with the smart football fans. Dolphins are gonna win
Jeremy Surgeon

Jeremy Surgeon . 2 months ago

I swear if my Dolphins lose to the Jets, i'm not leaving my room for a whole week... Edit: Thank gosh we won
harry boi

harry boi . 2 months ago

My pick Miami-27 New York-17
Hughes Le

Hughes Le . 2 months ago

Dolphins 13 Jets 10
Jason Wu

Jason Wu . 2 months ago

Dolphins win 23-16
Chad Pacifici

Chad Pacifici . 2 months ago

I’d be so depressed if I was a jets fan😂😂😂

Terroristocracy . 2 months ago

*Dolphins 17 Jets 21*
william Hurlock

william Hurlock . 2 months ago

where were the jets in this week 12

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