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Jaden - George Jeff


Published on 3 years ago

SYRE album out now

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Music video by Jaden Smith performing George Jeff. (C) 2017 MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records, LLC


Comments :

ross anderson

ross anderson . 2 days ago

Listen to the playlist entitled: THE GREATER ONE.
yasser tertag

yasser tertag . 3 weeks ago

"Blow some kisses to some mistress" only true fans will remember this line
Zé Guará

Zé Guará . 3 weeks ago

Mood 2021
Piggy Josh

Piggy Josh . 3 weeks ago

Coughs **

isabella . 4 weeks ago

I love this song tbh
Ashutosh Pareek

Ashutosh Pareek . 4 weeks ago

Why there is only 20m veiws??😔😔
Javon Scott

Javon Scott . 4 weeks ago

This song about how he obsesses with the sky

Kaoh . 4 weeks ago

Julilolmo 19

Julilolmo 19 . 1 month ago

The cinematography of this video is really good

Hachede . 1 month ago

Te quiero y mucho loco
poor foreigner

poor foreigner . 1 month ago

poor foreigner

poor foreigner . 1 month ago

poor foreigner

poor foreigner . 1 month ago

8 Bunning

8 Bunning . 1 month ago

When he started rapping fast the song got really really really lit

Dionysus . 2 months ago

Jessica Hammond

Jessica Hammond . 2 months ago

plet. s

plet. s . 2 months ago

*2021* Syre never died to me
Carolina Nava

Carolina Nava . 2 months ago

I love this song

Prod.thuggerthugger1 . 2 months ago

Syre > Erys
Phil Nate

Phil Nate . 2 months ago

Who’s listening in 2021 ??? 🥺🥺🖤🖤
lucas petras

lucas petras . 2 months ago

Why backround looks like mac home screen?
Taro Keefe

Taro Keefe . 2 months ago

Colour, gorgeous
Kelisha Diergaardt

Kelisha Diergaardt . 2 months ago

Jayden smith is the quetes rapper
Ulices Bucio

Ulices Bucio . 2 months ago

Alright I know it must not be this deep but I feel like in this part of the album he’s stuck between syre and erys. Erys has a big gold chain and the golden grills where as syre doesn’t. The previous song if you’re going in order is the passion where he switches from erys to syre. So I assume at this point he’s stuck in between and that some of the lines have some deeper meaning
Wolf Samu3L

Wolf Samu3L . 2 months ago

Has Anyone actually seen the song Jaden & Rich did together, like seriously? Like this
Kelly Thermitus

Kelly Thermitus . 2 months ago

U should drop Cabin Fever on the radio broo 🔥🔥🔥

BILLY ROJAS . 3 months ago

Hospin ft jaden smith
Keith Pemhiwa

Keith Pemhiwa . 3 months ago

Baby call me willy wonka all my oompa loompas cease absolute fiiiiiire Well done man u doing so so well
Zé Guará

Zé Guará . 3 months ago


DON WIZZY . 3 months ago

Legacy Striker

Legacy Striker . 3 months ago

Jaden knows his game real good❤️😕

Delvnny . 3 months ago

Nobody look at my dad
Mare Falls

Mare Falls . 3 months ago

commercial fishing is bad for the environment it causes ocean bleaching. Visit Greenpeace online. Help save the planet!
khush king

khush king . 3 months ago

The beat drop so hard jackie chan told him to pick it up
loud lion cool

loud lion cool . 4 months ago

when your mom calls your name too much and tells you to turn off your game 0:05
Greg Skinner

Greg Skinner . 4 months ago

he ate this
Imogen L

Imogen L . 4 months ago

LYRICS: [Intro] Yeah! Oh shit (woo!) Look, uh-huh [Verse 1] Sometimes I feel like a Polaroid picture Trapped inside space and time, take a sip of my elixir, ay Play "Electric Love" while we riding in the Fisker, ay She fell in love with me, my G, I swear I never kissed her, ay Lead me to be free, I don't have time to be a mister, ay Baby, I'll be blunt with you, I won't be smoking swishers I just do a couple dishes then I wish you Merry Christmas Adios, made that body roll, you scream "Geronimo" Blow some kisses to some mistresses, they fall like dominos Dominos, dominos, baby girl, I gotta go I just talked to Billboard Records, they said I'm phenomenal Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I'm phenomenal Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I'm phenomenal Ah, ah, that's it, that's all I got right now [Hook] Yeah, my name is George Jefferson, the male Maleficent You don't know who you're messing with, I ran for president 'Cause our country is in a deficit, my only testament Is that we keep it so surreal, I'd kill myself to resurrect, hoo (I'll kill myself to resurrect) [Verse 2] You know she know I'm the man I got her number on the Gram, I would never understand Kick it with Rich the Kid, I just woke up with the bands 30 South and we in France I just woke up, I'm in Cannes, never let 'em have a chance Huh, cheetah print is on the pants Expelliarmus, me and Harry Potter in the Benz Nobody look at my dab, run around skrtin', they mad Louis just gave me a bag, how did he end up with that? And nobody look at my dab, now I'm runnin' with the RAF Living in and out of cabs (skrtt, got 'em) "Uh, baby boy what's your name?" I thought you'd never ask [Hook] Yeah, my name is George Jefferson, the male Maleficent You don't know who you're messing with, I ran for president Cause our country is in a deficit, my only testament Is that we keep it so surreal, I'd kill myself to resurrect, hoo [Bridge: Jaden Smith & Willow Smith] Kill myself to resurrect, ay Kill myself to resurrect, ay (Jaden, Mom is on the phone for you) I was, I was just on the phone with her (Jaden, Dad is on the phone for you) Let's go [Outro] Huh, super-psychedelic sleeping isn't new to me I tried to sleep it off to deal with everybody's scrutinies Baby call me Willy Wonka, on my Oompa Loompa steez Man I'll only whipped the Tesla but I'll cop the coupe and screech (skrt)
Jerry Zelda

Jerry Zelda . 4 months ago

We need this jaden back
Jerry Zelda

Jerry Zelda . 4 months ago

Jerry Zelda

Jerry Zelda . 4 months ago

I love this song
Pggy Yew

Pggy Yew . 4 months ago

Gray Tiggerson

Gray Tiggerson . 4 months ago

He's in his own world🌋🌋🌋🌋
Meckel Tinisha

Meckel Tinisha . 4 months ago

The frightened frightening full fumbling functional page intraorally sack because bridge fittingly wander via a fearful fearless regret. scientific, grotesque margin
T H e O u t S i D E Channel

T H e O u t S i D E Channel . 4 months ago

Hello _Jaden_ *°-°*

ELMTHEBOT . 4 months ago

No hate but Will Smith is like a no tattoo no beers dude and Jaden Smith is the complete opposite but nice song tho
JoãoZINX gui

JoãoZINX gui . 4 months ago

Jaden Best Singer men!
Inertia Records

Inertia Records . 4 months ago

This that Jeffersons feel
DylSom Dj

DylSom Dj . 4 months ago

Jade TOP Monster ⚡⚡⚡⚡🔥
Mike Oxlong

Mike Oxlong . 5 months ago

My g was channeling george jefferson for a second

RipDevil . 5 months ago


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