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The "So Close" Saints | NFL Films Presents
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NFL Films

Published on 1 month ago

Take a deep dive into the New Orleans Saints hat trick of horrors with some of the most gut-wrenching post season losses in recent history.

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Comments :

Daniel Coronado

Daniel Coronado . 7 hours ago

BLEWDAT NATION always whinnying about the tissue game till this day gotta love how the Bounty Gate KARMA hasn't let up. LMFAO
Jedi Stud

Jedi Stud . 7 hours ago

From "Who Dat" to "So Close" brings warm feelings to my heart Sincerely, Bitter 2009 Vikings Fans
Doo Duck

Doo Duck . 17 hours ago

Saints-Vikings NFC divisional playoff-Minneapolis Miracle Eagles-Vikings NFC Championship-Minneapolis massacre
bsocm tomsdcs

bsocm tomsdcs . 21 hours ago

As a saints fan :(
Madeleine Gosdin

Madeleine Gosdin . 1 day ago

I swear the nfl cares about the image of the league everywhere except this channel, they doin whole franchises dirty😭

MNRS E.B. . 2 days ago

Not a Saints fan, but being that my team is not a contender, i really wish the Saints win the superbowl this season. Drew Brees unquestionably deserves it.
DAT 52

DAT 52 . 2 days ago

They always choke Sean Payton and brees overrated every year they favorites to come out the nfc just to nut up
Tiểu Long Nữ

Tiểu Long Nữ . 2 days ago

As a niners fan I feel for saints fans. Imagine how entertaining they would have actually made SB53 -_-
Faisal Kamel

Faisal Kamel . 2 days ago

“Losing is temporary” Bears fans: I’d like to stop you right there.
Tammi Sexton

Tammi Sexton . 2 days ago

The "No call" Saints
Tee Caston

Tee Caston . 2 days ago

This makes my day as a Bucs fan.

Starblade125 . 2 days ago

As a Rams fan that non-call on the PI was absolutely disgusting, but I love how this video didn't even try to bring up Brees throwing a pick in overtime or how the Saints had gotten away with multiple facemasks throughout the game. It doesn't take away from the atrocious no-call, but it's not the reason the Saints lost the game. How Bill Vinovich still has a job and actually went to ref Super Bowl LIV is completely beyond my comprehension.

ekerska . 3 days ago

It's the bounty gate curse. And I love it. -Vikings fan who still remembers the 2009 playoffs
John Pursley

John Pursley . 3 days ago

The Saints sold their soul for that bounty-gate ring in 2009. They get everything they deserve.
Family Juban

Family Juban . 3 days ago

This is digging up some very painfull memorys as a saints fan, we would have won the 2018 super bowl if not for that no call
Jackie Gaines

Jackie Gaines . 4 days ago

Lol saints fans be salty cuz they be getting slapped the passed years lollll
Max Muetzel

Max Muetzel . 4 days ago

3:25 It was at this moment New Orleans became Patriots Fans for the rest of the season.
I_have_questions_ Yt

I_have_questions_ Yt . 4 days ago

The Refs are blind
Edward Outlaw Jr

Edward Outlaw Jr . 4 days ago

Thought the fans got screwed out of a Brady/Brees Super Bowl. I believe the Saints would have had a legit shot at beating the Pats. Instead, we get the Rams/Patriots. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Godbdsm ,

Godbdsm , . 5 days ago

I think that you can live with Diggs but the no calls would haunt me forever if was a saints fan Worst calls ever get your eyes checked dipshits
Rohan Doddamane

Rohan Doddamane . 5 days ago

bruh The NFL not taking action about this is stupid. these refs deserved the hate coming their way. every single ounce of it, becuase they got death threats without a doubt people can easily go overboard about something like this, but still as a cowboys fan its still infuriating and that was the worst call

Zatt56 . 5 days ago

i honestly think the refs are intentionally trying to screw the saints
Cyber Loss

Cyber Loss . 5 days ago

“Losing is temporary” Bears fans: I’d like to stop you right there.
Maurice Cavalier

Maurice Cavalier . 5 days ago

But at the end of the day Saints fans at least you dont have to feel... what the Falcons have to feel every time they see 28-3 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
TJ Hernandez

TJ Hernandez . 5 days ago

Although im a Panthers fan I do kinda feel bad and that say a lot
Cheyanne Ceniceros

Cheyanne Ceniceros . 5 days ago

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Darrell Marshall

Darrell Marshall . 6 days ago

I love this doc because I absolutely hate these cheaters served them right
Dill Pickle

Dill Pickle . 6 days ago

Boston Hunter

Boston Hunter . 6 days ago

The only consolation the Saints got from that horrible no call was watching Rams get utterly embarrassed in the Super bowl by the Patriots.
arsenal man

arsenal man . 6 days ago

I’m a falcons fan and I actually no joke felt bad for the saints in the nfc championship. Dumb no call.
#TeddyBH20 #steadyteddy #teddy2gloves #5Hunnit

#TeddyBH20 #steadyteddy #teddy2gloves #5Hunnit . 7 days ago

They sold their sole by cheating there way to the 09 superbowl. you don't get breaks after that.

Sporte . 7 days ago

I know I’m wrong but I think the rams paid the refs
Scuf N Astros

Scuf N Astros . 1 week ago

lol bum saints
Jace S

Jace S . 1 week ago

The voodoo is finally going against us...

ItsMini . 1 week ago

Bountygate... Never Forget lol

AJuiceBox . 1 week ago

Rams vs Pats was the worst Super Bowl played and the Saints could’ve made a good one
Hunter Beyer

Hunter Beyer . 1 week ago

I hate the saints
Calvin Ry

Calvin Ry . 1 week ago

As a vikings fan I think they should have kept the Diggs play out cause he isn't even a viking no more
NFL Madden Game Highlights

NFL Madden Game Highlights . 1 week ago

I’m a Bucs fan my friend is a saints fan we are hoping one of our teams wins it

ItsJustCody . 1 week ago

I'm a Vikings fan and the saints should just be good sports. It was their fault they didn't make any good plays.
Ricky Espinoza

Ricky Espinoza . 1 week ago

Imagine having Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Terron Armstead, Ryan Ramszyck, Max Unger on your offense and still not win a superbowl
RR Quazy

RR Quazy . 1 week ago

Refs: 😎 blind
Millner Marrys

Millner Marrys . 1 week ago

As a Rams fan, that PI was the most disgusting no-call i've ever seen, believe me, i didn't even wanted to go to the Super Bowl, let alone win it, it was always gonna be frowned upon
Random stuff I’m board

Random stuff I’m board . 1 week ago

This mans voice just makes it even more sad

YOUR DAD . 1 week ago

Still more Super Bowls than the lions browns and jags
Khechaun Ward

Khechaun Ward . 1 week ago

lets be honest, the saints were built for reg szn not playoffs.
Mo Alraiyes Jr

Mo Alraiyes Jr . 1 week ago

I hare being a saints fan
Video games With caden

Video games With caden . 1 week ago

Ref u suck
Sports Space

Sports Space . 1 week ago

Only if ur a REAL saints fan u would have cried and been sooooooooo upset after every single one of those games 😭😭😤😤
Donovan Shanley

Donovan Shanley . 1 week ago

i heard of the bad no PI call, but i never actually saw it. it should be obvious to anyone who knows the basics of pass interference that that's pass interference. one of the worst calls ever

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